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Discover Some Fun Facts About South Park

South Park, co-created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone in 1997, is an animated series exhibiting the lives of four boys. The sitcom has experienced a huge fan base over …

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Discover How to Play The Room: Old Sins

The Room is a mobile puzzle game series that is known for its creepy vibe. Its gloomy aesthetics ensure that players have an uneasy feeling while playing this game. While …

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PLDT emergency maintenance five days

PLDT schedules 5-day emergency maintenance

PLDT Inc. announced it would conduct a five-day emergency maintenance of one of its international cable systems starting Friday, September 23. “Emergency maintenance activities will be conducted on the Asian …

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Learn How to Get Essential Gems in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a role-playing video game that was published and developed by MiHoYo Company and it features a fantasy world environment with action-based battles that use character switching, elemental …

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Learn How to Get Coins in Coin Master

If you head over to the Google Play store or the App Store, you’d be surprised to know that one game has dominated the entire charts. Coin Master has fully …

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Here Are Some Tips on How to Play Snowboard Party

Snowboard Party brings the exhilarating adrenaline rush experience of snowboarding from the mountains to your phone. This snowboard video game features 21 unique locations ranging from mountainsides to slopes that …

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Learn How to Play the Horn with This App

Kudos to you if you have set your heart on learning to play the French Horn! If it’s recreational or therapeutic, then learning a new instrument can have many benefits, …

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Learn How the Peoople App Works

Have you ever wanted to have a social media app that is also about marketing? One app that brings these two worlds together is Peoople.  Peoople is an app that …

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Learn How to Be a Drummer with This App

Many of us are musically talented, and yet we hardly have the time to follow our musical inclinations, let alone properly learn an instrument! Musicians reap the benefits whether they …

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Check Out the Most Creative TikTok Profiles

With the advent of social media, several platforms have been developed wherein content creators can express their creativity. One of the best examples of one such platform is TikTok. There …

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