Discover Some Fun Facts About South Park

South Park, co-created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone in 1997, is an animated series exhibiting the lives of four boys. The sitcom has experienced a huge fan base over the past years because of its explicit content and pertinent promise of comedy to the audience.

Apart from all the hardships and battling with the critics, South Park somehow managed to bag awards and recognition in the end. Apart from achieving Emmy Awards, Peabody Awards, one feature-length film inspired by South Park, became part of the nominations of Academy Awards.


The show has been aired for countless years, breaking its popularity charts every season. Here is a list of all the unheard raunchy facts about South Park for the show’s diehard lovers.

Discover Some Fun Facts About South Park
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Kenny’s Script And Cartman’s Dialogues Delineates Naturalism And Reality

The plot encircles the four main characters: Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflvoski, and Kenny McCormick. The writing of South Park characters reveals an essence of reality in the reel that came out very well on the screens. 

Parker and Stone brought the resemblance which they shared with their parents, whereas Kyle and Stan are hanging on the creators’ characters. 


Strangely, all of Kenny’s dialogues’ damp intensity is executed as per the script, whereas Cartman’s script has improvisations at the recording time. 

Cartman’s lines that have an enormous role to play in the episode were often extemporized or ad-libbed by Trey Parker during the recordings on the spot.

The Show Is Listed In The Guinness Book Of World Records

Harder than hard to believe that the show shares a special place in one of the eminent books of the world – The Guinness Book of World Records. South Park is entitled to hold the Guinness World record for  “ The Most Swearing in an Animated Series.”


It was published in 2001 as South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut (1999), out of the other 373 entertainment entries nominated the very year. It is an 81-minute movie with 221 acts of violence, 399 swear words, and 128 offensive gestures.  

Pilot Episode Was Handmade And Not Computerized

The pilot episode that is the very first episode of South Park was not animated with computers. It is the only episode of the entire series that is handmade using the paper cut-out stop motion technique of the “Spirit of Christmas.”

South Park Outshined As The Peabody Award Winner

In the entertainment industry, the Peabody Awards fall amongst the prestigious category of honor and serve a great value as recognition. The nominations from all platforms like television, radio, and online media are considered, from which they reward the best out of the best in their field.

In 2005, South Park, due to its amazing timing in wit, hilarious script, and entertaining characters, was awarded the Peabody. It truly emphasized the change in the notion of “freedom of speech” and regular critics. 

It acknowledged that the show was much more than crafty jokes on politics and butt jokes. It emerged as an outbreak for future content creators due to its different approach to humor and got a lot of praise.

Butter’s Name Was Actually Inspired By Stough’s Reality

Eric Stough, the animation coordinator, Parker, and Stone studied together at the University of Colorado Boulder together. Eric’s nickname was Butters in real life, so that was the reason behind the character Leopold Butters Stotch. 

Hence, it was the inspiration of Stough’s nickname that led to Butter’s role in the series and not because it sounds familiar to Butterscotch. 

Parker And Stone’s Led Into Controversy At Acid Before The Oscars

In the year 2000, Matt Stone and Trey Parker attended the Oscars for South Park – Bigger, Longer & Uncut. Oscar ceremonies are considered one of the most tiring and never-ending ones, but there is always something intriguing with South Park’s creators involved. 

Stone and Parker did an acid hit before the ceremony for which they were questioned in 2011. They covered it up by calling it in the name of “sheening” as they didn’t want the public to know they were high on cocaine.

One Episode Of South Park Rolled Per Week

To keep the good work and the zest to provide quality content, it took approximately one week for a single episode. The starting and finishing days were counted from Thursday to Wednesday, 6 days a week. 

An astounding fact for the SP fans is that the deadline was missed only once because of a power cut during the production “God Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers”.

Discover Some Fun Facts About South Park
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The Bottom Line

Being one of the most renowned comedy shows of all time, South Park received an enormous amount of love and popularity from its fans. It ran successfully for more than two decades and continues to do so. 

SP fans are always eager to find crisp news and mind-boggling facts about the show. These facts are astonishing and create curiosity amongst its fanatics who are always eager beaver to know about it.