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PLN Media brings you breaking news, fearless views, travel, food, finance, lifestyle and more.

Our mission is to objectively provide the latest news about the Philippines and ensure that our readers are well informed. If you are interested, you can also find our content on the internet. FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, email, and more.

Our Editorial Team

Mathew George Martin

A UK journalist with 20 years experience in both print and broadcast. He writes most of the articles on the site and knows a lot about Philippines. He is almost from there actually.

Margaret Fermin

Not just a writer, but a lover of the culture of the Philippines and its people. She often travels around the Philippines to get a feel for what people are living and talking over there.

Timothy Walker

The writer who talks about everything here on the site, from finance to the most important topics for those who don’t know the Philippines yet and wants to know it someday.

Reece Ferguson

Is a Philippines based writer and photographer that regularly contributes to PLN Media. He has travelled extensively throughout Asia and sees reporting on the uncomfortable truths about inequality as his primary mission in life.

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