Write for Us

We’re always looking for talented bloggers to submit articles for publication. The requirements for any pitches are that you will need to be focused on something with a focus on the Philippines.

This doesn’t mean that it has to be about the Philippines directly. It does need to be relevant though. Some examples are regional (ASEAN) travel articles, articles like this one about domestic helpers in Hong Kong and articles that are relevant to the expatriate population in the Republic.

This could be a domestic policy change in the United States or Australia that is going to have an impact either directly on everyone in the Philippines or on expats directly (changes is rules for obtaining passports from overseas for instance).

We don’t pay casual bloggers but we are always open to discussing options if you are going to be a regular contributor. We aren’t really interested in anything under 1000 words and for an article of that length we’re also going to need 3-4 high resolution photos. You must either own the pictures yourself and grant us permission to publish or obtain them from verifiable open sources like Pixabay or Wikimedia Commons and include details of the license.

All articles are subject to editorial approval and we reserve the right to make changes to them prior to publication. All our writers will be provided with 150 words of bio space, a picture if they wish and a link to their website (subject to approval).

If you’d like to go ahead and submit an idea to our editorial team then please fill out the below form and someone will be in touch.