Public must prepare for the impact of El Niño

In preparation for the expected effects of El Niñ0, the Climate Change Commission (CCC) gave some tips to the public on how to cope with hot temperatures and lack of water supply.

CCC vice chairperson and executive director Robert Borje said that preparing and dealing with El Niño requires the integration of the community and individuals to form a watch group that will monitor and respond to the challenges associated with it.


So, the CCC’s advice to Filipinos to cope with the hot temperature is to install insulation so that the heat does not directly enter their house and crops.

In this way, the heat will be reduced in every house that does not depend on air conditioning, and also check the roofs, walls, and windows to make sure they are insulated.

Also, placing a plant inside the house will reduce heat because it provides shade and improves air quality.


To prevent heat exhaustion or heat stroke, the ICC encouraged the public to drink plenty of water.

It is said that homemade electrolyte solutions can also be made using salt, citrus fruits and other quick and easy ingredients to replace the necessary minerals and electrolytes as soon as a person sweats.

Public must prepare for the impact of El Niño

In order to avoid water problems during droughts and hot weather, it encourages the public to collect and store rainwater by installing a rainwater harvesting system.


Although rainwater is not drinkable, it can be used for cleaning, flushing toilets, and watering plants. Still, it must be collected in a sealed container to prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

It is expected that the heat that will be experienced in Metro Manila and Northern Luzon will reach 36.5 to 40 degrees celsius in the coming weeks due to the effect of El Niño.

Last week, the Social Welfare Department promised to help families struggling with El Niño’s impact, confirming they are prepared to support them.

DSWD Undersecretary for Disaster Response Management Group (DRMG) Diana Rose Cajipe said the department will ensure food security by providing family food packs to the areas affected by El Niño.

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