Duterte denies calling Pres. Marcos a drug addict

Former President Rodrigo Duterte said he did not accuse President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. of being a drug addict.

“Wala ako sinabi na ganon… Even if you kill me a thousand times, wala akong sinabi na ganon. Make it ‘taking a drug.’ Pero kung sabihin mong addict, wala akong sinabi na ganon. Patayin ako ni Marcos niyan. Maawa ka naman sa akin, matanda na ako,” Duterte’s statement in the press conference this Tuesday night.


“If I can say it to Marcos, I can say it for all. Antibiotic, aspirin—they’re all drugs… Pero wala ako sinabi… Papatayin ako ni Marcos niyan. Takot pa naman ako mamatay, matanda na ako,” he added.

This past January, Duterte called Marcos “bangag (high on drugs)” during a prayer rally in Davao City.

Duterte went on to say that he was on the drug watchlist of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) — which the agency immediately denied.


“Si Bongbong, bangag iyan. That’s why sinasabi ko na sa inyo ngayon, si Bongbong Marcos bangag noon, ngayong presidente na, bangag ang ating presidente. Kayong mga military, alam ninyo ‘yan. Lalo na ‘yung nasa Malacañang. Alam ninyo. The Armed Forces of the Philippines, alam ninyo. May drug addict tayo na presidente,” said Duterte in said gathering.

Duterte denies calling Pres. Marcos a drug addict

Duterte also once challenged Marcos to take a drug test in front of the public.

Marcos just laughed at Duterte’s statement and said that the former president may have been affected by fentanyl.


“I think it’s the fentanyl… It is highly addictive and it has very serious side effects. And PRRD has been taking the drug for a very long time now. When was the last time he told us that he was taking fentanyl? Something like that. After five, six years it has to affect him,” Marcos said to the residents a few days after the prayer rally.

Duterte also made a comment this Tuesday about the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) investigation into the deaths of those allegedly involved in illegal drugs during his leadership.

According to Duterte, Marcos should follow the advice of his [Marcos] legal counsel regarding the ICC matter.

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