DOLE urged to support P100 wage hike

On Sunday, February 25, Senator Francis Chiz Escudero pressed the Department of Labor and Employment to back the proposal to boost private sector workers’ minimum wage by P100 daily instead of shrinking away from the concept.

After Laguesma cautioned that a wage increase could cause basic goods to cost more, Escudero urged action.


The senator stated that the head of DOLE needs to prioritize our nation’s workers’ interests and back Senate Bill 2534, noting the department’s main role is protecting workers’ well-being, not obstructing bills designed to improve the labor force’s standard of living.

“Nagtataka ako bakit umaalma ang DOLE sa panukalang batas na ito (I’m puzzled why the DOLE is resisting this measure). It is supposed to take the side of workers,” Escudero said.

“What they are doing is DTI’s job… this all the more justifies the bill because no one is looking out for our workers and everyone is just simply pro-business.”

This past Monday, Escudero voiced his backing for the proposal, stating that Filipino workers have suffered sufficiently and merit higher pay.


The Senate passed the bill on its last of three readings.

DOLE urged to support P100 wage hike

Escudero expressed his wish that the House of Representatives would quickly approve their own draft of the bill, ensuring that private sector workers on minimum wage get their overdue pay raise.

“Our workers have endured for a long time… My request and prayer is that the House will give it time and opportunity to revive it,” Escudero said.


“Debate if necessary, vote if necessary,” he also appealed.

“The important thing is that it can be discussed and given hope of passing to give hope to our workers,” the lawmaker reiterated.

The KMU and labor groups have previously been fighting for a P750 increase in the daily wage to bring the minimum wage closer to the family living wage (FLW), or the wage needed for a family of five to live decently.

FLW is currently as low as P1,193/day for those living in Metro Manila, far from the current P610 minimum wage in the National Capital Region (NCR).

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