NAIA bedbugs could be ‘imported’

The complaint of some passengers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport that there are bugs in the seats at the airport has been confirmed. And based on the size of the bugs, they are said to be “imported”.

In a report by Mariz Umali on GMA News “24 Oras” this Thursday, it was said that deep disinfection has been done on the seats that are said to be inhabited by bed bugs.


According to NAIA Terminal 3 Pest Control Services Operations Supervisor Mike Buño, it is possible that the bugs came from other countries because they are large.

“Compared po doon sa mga surot na meron tayo rito, mas malalaki po siya. Kalimitan po, for example, dun [yan nanggagaling] po sa mga bagahe or dun sa mga pumapasok sa atin bagahe or gamit na dala galing ibang bansa papasok sa terminal,” said Buño.

It is said that deep disinfection of the seats at the airport is carried out quarterly, each process lasting three days.


But Buño admitted the eggs of insects do not die in deep disinfection.

NAIA bedbugs could be ‘imported’

“Kalimitan sa treatment na ginagawa natin ang namamatay lang po is yung mga adult, so yung itlog po hindi naman kayang patayin ng chemical kaya tayo nagko-conduct ng quarterly treatment,”explained Buño.

Manila International Airport Authority General Manager Eric Ines couldn’t help but be surprised that even the steel chairs have bed bugs.


“How can that be particularly that these chairs are made of steel? We’re not going to make excuses, but I saw the chairs. How can a bug stay there unless somebody brought there? I’m not saying hindi puwede mangyari, it can happen,” the official said.

It is said that the NAIA leadership is still waiting for the recommendation if the next step in the cleaning process is needed. NAIA is also said to be ready to cover the cost of treating those who have been victims of bed bugs.

“We would like to apologize for the inconvenience. We would like to assure the public that every time they come over here, we would see to it that everything is okay,” said Ines.

The rattan chairs that are among those inhabited by bedbugs will also be removed.

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