Discover How to Play The Room: Old Sins

The Room is a mobile puzzle game series that is known for its creepy vibe. Its gloomy aesthetics ensure that players have an uneasy feeling while playing this game. While it is not at all distracting, it adds to the overall experience of the game.

Old Sins takes the concept to a whole other levels as it perfectly blends well with touchscreen devices. The atmosphere is even more riveting and haunting when playing and the game’s appeal is its massive draw.


But, what is The Room: Old Sins? How do you play this puzzle game? Learn how to play this game through the guide below. Read on to learn more.

Discover How to Play The Room: Old Sins
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What Is The Room: Old Sins?

Developed by Fireproof Games, The Room: Old Sins is the fourth entry to the series of puzzle video games made for mobile devices. The game is greatly inspired by escape rooms where players need to solve different puzzles within a detailed environment. 

The environment is riddled with clues and details on how to solve the puzzles. Certain items are also hidden and can only be seen through the Null Item. 


These objects are collected and further examined that will have a connection to the puzzle itself. The game rewards players who are detail-oriented and have a keen eye for observation.

Unlike previous iterations of the game, the puzzles within a certain area of the dollhouse are connected to the entire construct. This ultimately means that everything is interconnected within the game and the overall experience of the player is much more cohesive.

Score and Aesthetics

The Room: Old Sins is known for its beautiful haunting aesthetics. The background score lifts the entire experience altogether making it one of the best puzzle games on mobile.


Game Premise

The story follows the player as he enters Waldegrave Manor in search of clues behind the couple that used to live in the luxurious house. The game takes place within the manor and players need to investigate a seemingly innocent dollhouse that replicates the entire manor. 

A note is discovered that details the fate of the couple, Edward and Abigail, that lived in the house. Later, you find that Edward discovered the Null and was driven insane by it as he tries to search for Abigail within the confines of the manor. 

The game fully reveals in the end that the player is a member of a secret organization known as The Circle who is tasked to collect pieces of the Null.


Discover How to Play The Room: Old Sins
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What truly makes The Room: Old Sins significantly better than the previous versions of the game is its interconnectedness. Each room is connected to the next but it is also very different from the rest.

While most of the game’s puzzles are seemingly random and simple, an object like a key or tool used in one room can also be useful in another. Some of the game’s connections can be expressed like that while others are far more connected than they seem to be. 

One notable scene is when you start a fire in the kitchen for steam and it affects the other parts of the manor. This could easily make or break your game as every decision you make affects the next one or several further instances down the line.

The Room: Old Sins is available for download through the Google Play store for Android devices. It is also ready to be downloaded for Apple devices through the App Store.


Even years after it was first released, The Room: Old Sins still stands as one of the best mobile puzzle games. The perfect aesthetics of the game and its numerous complex yet streamlined puzzles make for a great overall experience whether you are a fan of the series or a new player.