Learn How to Get Coins in Coin Master

If you head over to the Google Play store or the App Store, you’d be surprised to know that one game has dominated the entire charts. Coin Master has fully taken over many mobile games and there is a reason it has stayed that way. The popular mobile game is fun, simple, and addicting.

Coin Master was released way back in 2010. It wasn’t until early last year that the game fully took off as it slowly leaned towards its slot machine mechanic. 


The game is played by collecting spins that will allow you to use a slot machine that will yield even more coins, attacks, shields, and more spins. Read on to learn how you can get more coins in Coin Master.

Learn How to Get Coins in Coin Master
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How to Play Coin Master

Coin Master – which can easily be downloaded via the Google Play Store – offers a tutorial at the start of the game. It introduces the basics of the game where you can start obtaining and using the coins. You will be using the coins to build your village and defend it from outsiders.

There are many ways for you to earn coins within the game. First, you can always purchase coins using real money. This will let you get more spins in the slots machine.


Another way to get coins is to win more coins from the slots machine. You can also attack other villages and raid them to get their coins. However, you will need to have coins to spin the slots machine to perform such an action.

Ways to Get Coins

With the importance of coins in the game, getting a good amount of them is very significant if you truly want to excel in the game. There are many ways to get coins that will help you gain a significant amount of advantage in the game. Below are some ways to get coins.

Logging in Daily

Logging in and playing the game every day is a very simple technique that will net you a large number of coins at the end of the day. The game provides you with a huge amount of coins daily to help you progress in the game.


To do this, simply log-in to the game and grab your rewards. You may also even receive free spins. The biggest mistake that you can ever make in this game is not logging in every day.

Complete All Events

Aside from daily log-in rewards, the game also has in-game events that are largely for the player’s benefit. The game offers different events that reward the player base with many items; that includes coins and free spins. 

Earn huge rewards by simply playing the game and meeting the requirements of each event. Certain events such as the Jackpot Event and Viking Quest Events will give you a huge amount of coins and spins. 

These events might only come once in a while so it is always best to keep an eye on them to prepare yourself.

Complete Your Card Collection

Another part of Coin Master that is also part of the gameplay is its card collection system. One of the biggest mistakes that every new player makes is they keep on unlocking new villages even without completing the card collection. 

Collect all the cards first before moving on to another village so you will receive coins in the process. Now that you have finished your card collection, this will only mean that you can finally unlock new villages. 

Unlocking a new village will also reward you with a huge amount of coins and spins. You may then use these bonuses to upgrade your village and buy new buildings.

Invite Your Friends

Learn How to Get Coins in Coin Master
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You may also invite your friends as referrals to receive a hefty amount of bonus from the game. Coin Master offers a referral bonus to every family member or friend that you invite to play the game. 

You will be receiving 25 free spins so you can get more coins along the way.

Make sure to connect your Facebook account to Coin Master so you can receive around 100,00 free coins and about 50 free spins. 

By connecting both accounts, all of your progress will be saved and you will only be logging in to the game using your Facebook log-ins.


Coin Master offers many ways for you to enjoy the game by giving out free Coin Master coins

The fact that the game is generous enough to give them out for free will help you play the game and get to the top of the leaderboards fast.