Discover How to Earn Free CP on Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty mobile is a free-to-download game that involves a first-person shooter. You are required to choose the play ranked or the non-ranked matches and play with friends. The game has two major currencies, including the Credits (C) and the COD points (CP).

The credits are earned when you are playing the game, while as for the COD points, you have to buy then with real-world money. However, there are some ways to get them for free. These points play an essential role in the game as they enhance your layer weapons and skills. You can also use them to purchase different items in the game.


You can play throughout the game without any payments, but when you need an exclusive weapon or character, these points come in handy. The value of the guns and styles vary with the skills and role in the game. Here is a guide on how you can earn free CP on the Call of Duty mobile game.

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Call of Duty Mobile Game Overview

The game has different essential features that make it fun and recommendable. There is a matchmaking sector, a battle royale mode, and a room for multiplayer play. These features allow you to battle with your in-game friends.

There are also other multiplayer modes in the game to meet all your expectations. It has everything you could ask for in a game. You are in control of choosing the way you play such as the pop hunt, capture the flag, sniper only, or the gun game, to name a few.


Recently there was the zombies mode in the game where you have an added challenge of more zombies attacking you in different waves. Download this game in the Google Play Store or Apple Store and start having fun.

Use of CP in the Game

Once you get enough CP, you can use them to unlock different items in the game. Some characters require COD points, as do certain weapons. To win the game, you need as many COD Points as possible in order to purchase the best avatar with enough skills to battle other players.

The game also becomes more fun when you are in control, and you can purchase the weapon of your choice. After winning the season one level, you are rewarded with more CP to help you continue having more fun. The game involves guns and other weapons used by soldiers.


The new zombie features top up the game challenging you further. Thus, you need more points to get more weapons to defeat them. Don’t let your character lose or be battled when you can upgrade and have the best avatar.

You don’t have to worry if you have no money to purchase these points. You can now get them in the gameplay as long as you meet the set standards.

How to Get CP

You can now get CP for free in Call of Duty by leveling up the season one challenges. When you complete the problem, you will be rewarded with free COD points, which you can use to purchase new weapons and characters.

After unlocking the Battle Pass level, you will earn COD points when you open the tiers. Each tier has a challenge that you must complete and continue making more points. You can now earn up to 89 CP when you unlock 93 levels.

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These points are enough to purchase the next Battle Pass season and continue having more fun. Moreover, you will continue earning more coins throughout the Battle Pass progression.

What makes this game more fun is that you can choose to spend your points on items available in the store. You can also use them for the next season. The game has many special offers for you to get more COD Points. Be smart and grab any opportunity you can for getting the points.

The Bottom Line

Call of Duty Mobile game is available on Google Play Store and Apple store. It is a battle game where you have to use the weapons and characters available to win the first Battle Pass. After winning, you will get COD points allowing you to move to the next level and purchase new items and characters.

The COD points will help you remain active in the game and have a fair fight with the enemies throughout the gameplay. Try out this game today to start earning CP!