Life Is Strange – Learn How to Play

Growing up is just part of life, but what if you get a chance to play a video game where you get to re-do all of the difficult choices that you have made in life? 

Life Is Strange is all about making tough decisions and accepting its consequences. This is a video game that lets you play a young protagonist and lets you change the course of your life by going back to certain points of the past. 


It is an incredibly emotional and complex video game. If you want to know how to play Life Is Strange, find more details below.

Life Is Strange - Learn How to Play
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What Is Life Is Strange?

Life Is Strange is an episodic adventure game published for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. It is also available for download in both Google Play Store and the App Store for mobile devices

The game is played by episodes with a total of 5 episodes each with their storylines. The game was developed using the episodic format for both creative and financial reasons. 


Known for subverting different character archetypes, the game is both empowering and a learning experience for its players. The company has also made it clear that player feedback is key to the game’s overall success, as they influence the adjustments done to the game.

Features of the Game

Players can explore different locations within the town of Arcadia Bay where the game is set. Conversations can also be rewound and decisions will alter the course of the story. The decisions you make in one conversation either have short or long-term effects on the overall arc of the main plot.

Life Is Strange was released in 2015 with each episode released a few months apart. The game received a lot of praise from critics and fans for its overall storytelling and deep characterization of the main and supporting characters.


The Premise of the Game

The story follows Max who develops a supernatural ability to travel back in time. In the game, Max gets a vision of an impending storm that could wipe out the entire town where she lives. 

She also deals with the many issues within her community, such as saving her friend from suicide, and traveling back in time to find out who abducted a missing girl. 

She also uses her abilities to avert many tragedies in life, but it also affects the present timeline. In the end, she must choose whether to save the life of her best friend and run the risk of destroying the town or save countless lives, but ultimately lose her friend.

Overall Experience

Life Is Strange - Learn How to Play
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While the story takes a dark turn especially in the later parts, it presents a meaningful experience to the player. The complexity of making the right decision is in the player’s hands making this game quite a compelling experience.

With Life Is Strange, there is no need for you to be skilled at anything to be good at the game. It is a simple adventure story game that excels at characterization. 


You don’t need to practice different mechanics to improve your game and all you need is a great understanding of what the game is about and how it is played.

The best part about Life Is Strange is its rewind mechanic. One that is heavily used in some games to boost the action, but in this game, it is used as a mechanic to push the narrative of the video game, and this is a feat that is exceptionally done well in Life Is Strange.