App Flowx: Weather Map Forecast – Learn How to Use and Download

Flowx is a weather app that is designed to make it easy for you to understand and visualize weather forecasts. It features weather graphs and maps and you can move your finger on the screen in order to control the animation over time.

This app also allows you to select the required data as per your needs, so you can plan your day around the weather. So, if you are going sailing, fishing, surfing, cycling, hiking, or storm tracking, you always know the right weather.


Its clean and concise interface also makes it easy and quick for you to understand the bigger picture of the weather systems. Read on to learn more about Flowx, and how you can download and use it.

App Flowx: Weather Map Forecast - Learn How to Use and Download

How to Download the App

This app will simply require you to visit the App Store or the Google Play store and type in the Flowx Weather map. Once it is visible, simply click on download and you will be able to have it installed on your phone.

Data Types 

The app features more than 30+ data types which includes data on clouds, temperatures, winds, humidities, waves, and many more. The main sources of data for the app are from CMC, NOAA GFS, and Canada.


Use of the Map

On the map, you are able to use your finger to swipe on it as you control the forecast animation over time. You can also choose to use multiple data layers in order to display on the map. Cloud layers and precipitation can be done in layers with wind streamlines.


The app features various graphs that clearly outline the week’s weather forecasted data at a quick glance. You can choose from a wide selection of graphs so you can compare the conditions of different weeks. This function helps you view all the data sources at the same time.

Wind Streamlines

The animated wind streamlines are used to help indicate the speed and direction of the wind, which makes it easy for you to make decisions on whether or not you will go for a hike, drive, or just stay put in your house.



It provides information on animated wavefront lines which gives you an indication of the direction of the waves. This is great information for a simmer or a surfer. Of course, the waves determine your speed and you are able to plan the impact of this information accordingly.


The widgets are available on the graphs to give you the different types of graphs and how to use them. A wide variety of them will show you the weather forecast for a couple of days.

A 16-Day Forecast

With its pro version of the app, you are able to view the status of the weather for the next 16 days. If you will be traveling, this is one of the best ways to prepare for your journey.

Graph Editor

The graph editor is able to customize your graphs with specific data types. You however need to have the pro version of the app in order to do this.

Travel Mode

This will automatically update the status of the weather forecast from any part of the world you are currently in. For a world traveler, this is extremely important information that can change how you travel, and especially where you travel to.

Offline Use

App Flowx: Weather Map Forecast - Learn How to Use and Download

The app has the ability to update the data even when you are offline. This enables you to view the forecast of the weather, without an internet connection.


The Flowx app is a weather map forecasting app that is able to give you exact weather conditions for different parts of the world. All you have to do is turn on your GPS Locator and it will give you a weather forecast for up to 16 days.