Moira shares updates after split with husband Jason Hernandez

For the first time in an interview, Moira Dela Torre shared the current state of her heart after the controversial announcement of her recent separation from Jason Hernandez.

In an episode of “Magandang Buhay” on Monday, June 6, the singer-songwriter opened up about her feelings.


Momshie Regine first asked Moira how she was doing, and for the first time, she shared the pain and healing she was going through.

“I’m in a season na hindi ko nakita. Mahilig kasi ako magplano, kumbaga wala ‘to [hiwalayan] sa plano. Pero ang galing kasi dito ko po natutunan na mabait talaga si Lord, kasi dito ko nakikita na pwede pala magsabay yung grieving pati yung healing na parte pala ng grieving yung healing; na pwede pa rin pala ako maka-experience ng joy sa umaga kahit umiiyak ako sa gabi. Pwede pa rin pala ako maka-experience na mahanap ko ulit yung sarili ko kahit nawawala ako sa gabi,” shared Moira.

“First time, sana last time na ‘yung ganito. It’s a foreign feeling to me. And I didn’t expect it to be like this. But I realized na yung what the enemy meant for harm, the Lord will turn it into beautiful things.” she added.


Moira also believes that despite the stage her heart is going through, she says God’s plans do not fail.

The “Malaya” singer also thanked the family who came to the second season of Idol Philippines, who played a significant role in her resilience despite the difficult parts of her life.

Moira shares updates after split with husband Jason Hernandez

On May 31, the celebrity couple shocked the online world following the announcement of their divorce through a joint statement.


“It is with a heavy heart that after 3 years of marriage, we announce that we are parting ways. Our love and respect for each other remains. We request for privacy during this difficult time, Jason and Moira,” a photo stated in Jason’s  page.

Jason admitted that he was unfaithful to Moira during their marriage.

“3 years ago, I married my bestfriend with the intent of spending the rest of my life with her. Though my love for her has always been genuine, a few months ago, I confessed to Moira that I have been unfaithful to her during our marriage. I believe that she deserved to know the truth rather than continue down a “peaceful” but dishonest path. I take full responsibility and I’m doing my best to be better. From the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry for everyone I hurt. Especially Moi,” Jason said.

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