P2.1-M worth of IED materials recovered in Northern Samar

Northern Samar Police Provincial Office personnel seized some tools for making improvised explosive devices (IED) at an abandoned manufacturing site in Barangay Burabod, San Antonio, Northern Samar.

According to information from the NSPPO, they are estimated to be worth P2.1 million.


The area was tracked down after a follow-up operation by the police after the P3.5 million worth of explosives was recovered this September 20 in the said barangay.

Based on the information, authorities recovered 915 meters long time fuses worth P64,050; about 30,000 blasting caps reaching a market value of P2 million; 19 pieces of wooded molder for blasting cap; 9 pieces of concrete molder, 10 kilos of Penta Eryth Tetra Nitrate (PETN) white powder explosive chemical worth P10,000; and other explosives.

The authorities’ informant found out that there are still IEDs operating on the said island and it is not only used for illegal fishing. The source said also allegedly used them to make explosions against government forces.


materials are said to be distributed in Eastern Visayas, Masbate, Cebu, and Quezon.

Northern Samar Police provincial director PCol Arnel Apud ordered to for those behind IEDs in San Antonio and Northern Samar.

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IEDs recovered in Jolo blast site

Last month, government forces discovered Saturday new explosive materials in the same barangay where Jolo’s twin blasts occurred in August.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines – Western Mindanao Command (WestMinCom) said Sunday the Philippine found a set of abandoned , consisting of two electric blasting caps, a rifle grenade, a spark plug, and some concrete nails in Barangay Walled City. The location was between Harbor Master and the Maritime Police Office.

During an area paneling at Jolo pier at 6:02 pm on Saturday, a bomb-sniffing dog sat beside the explosive materials, prompting the authorities to inspect the site.

The WestMinCom added troops of the 35th Infantry Battalion immediately cordoned the area. At the same time, the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team of Sulu Provincial Police Office and Jolo Municipal Police Station went to the site to confirm the explosives.