Discover Some of the Worst Foods in the World

Finding yourself eating the worst food in the world can make you feel like you are in an episode of fear factor. But, we are not talking about worms and snails, but rather foods that some people think are great but others would gag from just putting the food in their mouth.

Now, the world is truly diverse, and when you decide to launch a gustatory exploration you may be amazed by what you are going to find. The truth is that, as much as some of these foods are “foreign” dishes, they do not agree with everyone.


Some of them are side dishes that are fed to kings in specific countries, while others are snacks that can be taken before main dishes, but all in all, they are some of the worst foods in the world for everyone else. Read on to learn more about them.

Discover Some of the Worst Foods in the World
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Rocky Mountain Oysters 

The name of this dish is actually quite misleading as there are no oysters anywhere in the dish. Rocky Mountain Oysters actually contains the flattened testicles of young bulls. It is often served as an appetizer.


They are also called or prairie oysters. This dish is a delicacy in Canada. The organs are usually deep-fried after they have been skinned and then coated with pepper, salt, and . The best are those which are pounded first. 

Whole Sheep's Head

This is a traditional delicacy that is usually served in most parts of the world, including Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. You will find a smoked version of it in soup recipes, which are usually presented either whole or in pieces.

Sometimes they will present you with the brain, the tongue, and eyeballs which are particularly loved in specific areas. In America however, most meat is separated from the feet, head and tail. This helps most people forget that they are eating something that had a head and tail once.



Anything that is still squirming and alive has to be scary. But, eating raw food, such as an octopus straight up is legendary for most Asian Cuisine, and you can even see big movie stars, such as Jackie Chan enjoying this delicacy in some of his movies.

Baby octopus is also consumed in the same circles and sometimes it can be cut out into bite-sized pieces that are still wriggling. 

So, eating octopus is pretty much what you would expect – chewy, tasteless, and rubbery. Some adventurers report that the suction cups stick on your throat on their way down. But, regardless of all this, the dish is a greatly valued part of Korea's cuisine for many centuries.

Puffin Heart

This is a delicacy in Iceland, and Gordon Ramsey once consumed it during his show – The F Word in England. Believe it or not, but it is the heart of some cute puffin birds. It is hard to imagine anyone eating this, but it is actually beloved.

Now, what was most shocking about the episode with Gordon Ramsey is that he was with a hunter who killed the bird on live TV, took out the heart, and ate it raw. Gordon then went ahead to hand over another raw puffing heart, of which he consumed happily. 

Well, regardless of the furor of this episode, in Iceland, they are still enjoying it, but you will need to have a license to cull them, but you cannot do this in the , as they are a protected species. 


Discover Some of the Worst Foods in the World
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This is actually a fertilized and developing embryo egg that is usually boiled and eaten from its own shell. It is sold in the streets in the Philippines and the length of its incubation before the egg can be cooked is usually a preferential choice. It can range from 14-21 days though.

This egg can also be boiled live, you can actually see the incipient body of the duck as you it. It is also loved in most other South East Asia countries.


With food, everyone has a preference – They say that one man's meat is another man's poison. We can't all love the same things, and as such, it is important to respect what others find delicious. But when you think about the above 5 dishes, you could probably start gagging.