The World Of The Married ending sets new record

The World Of The Married ending sets a new record for the highest viewership ratings ever achieved by any drama on a Korean cable network.

Nielsen Korea reported the final episode of “The World of the Married” set an average nationwide rating of 28.37 percent, which beats its own record of 24.44 percent from its second to the last episode.


“The World of the Married” was a hit from the start, immediately setting a JTBC rating record with its premiere right out of the gate. However, things only got better from there: the drama saw its viewership soar throughout its 16-episode run, with its ratings climbing to new heights with nearly every new episode. By its 12th episode, the show succeeded in dethroning the smash hit “SKY Castle,” which held the previous record for the highest drama ratings in cable network .

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The World Of The Married Synopsis

Ji Sun-Woo (Kim Hee-Ae) is a family medicine doctor. She is married to Lee Tae-Oh (Park Hae-Joon), and they have a son. She seems to have everything, including a successful career and a happy family, but her husband and others betray her.


Meanwhile, Lee Tae-Oh dreams of becoming a famous movie director. He runs an entertainment with the support of his , Ji Sun-Woo. Even though he loves his wife, Lee Tae-Oh, falls into a dangerous relationship.

The series is based on BBC One's drama series Doctor Foster, starring Suranne Jones in the title role. It aired on JTBC on Fridays and Saturdays at 10:50 (KST) from March 27 to May 16, 2020.

The World of the Married is the highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history, overtaking Sky Castle. The show received critical acclaim for its screenplay, direction, and performances.