4 young men beat 50-year-old to death

4 young men beat 50-year-old to death
4 young men beat 50-year-old to and injured two other in Caloocan City. (Image from Business Insider)

A 50-year-old man died while his cousin and a friend got wounded after 4 young men beat them in Caloocan City on Sunday morning.

Richard Gregorio, of Barangay Tugatog, Malabon City, died on-the-spot due to a severe head injury.


Gregorio’s cousin Simplicio Navarro, 49, single, and his friend Luisito Bayan, 50 got black eyes and bruises in different parts of their body. Both were residents of Dulang Brunce, Malabon City.

According to the police investigation, the victims were buying cigarettes at a store in Monumento Circle, Barangay 78, Caloocan City at around 3 a.m.

The suspects Rolly John Alave, 24; Racky Pacite, 24; Benmar Caritay, 23, and Rogelio Barrquillo, 20 approached them.


The three victims got shocked when the 4 young men started to them. The three victims were not able to fight back and were eventually beaten.

The suspects continued punching Richard until he fell on the cement and hit his head which caused his death.

The suspects tried to escape, but barangay “tanod” or watchmen of Chairman Peewee Nicolas of Barangay 78 chased and brought them to the precinct.


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