Ratings of Pres. Marcos and VP Duterte drop in OCTA Research’s Q3 survey

Both the trust and performance ratings of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr and Vice President Sara Duterte dropped in the third quarter 2023, based on Octa Research’s latest Mass Survey Response.

Octa called the reduction in Duterte’s overall ratings “significant”, after his trust rating dropped eight points from 83% in the second quarter to 75%.


Meanwhile, 12 points were reduced in his satisfaction rating from 82% to 70%.

Marcos’ trust rating was lowered two points to 73% from 75% in the second quarter. His approval rating dropped six points from 71% to 65%.

Marcos got his lowest trust rating of 66% from the National Capital Region, while Duterte’s lowest trust score of 64% came from Balanced Luzon.


Both Marcos and Duterte’s trust ratings decreased by 15 points in the NCR, which was 66% from the previous 81% to 66%.

Marcos’ satisfaction rating in Metro dropped by 12 points to 61%. His lowest satisfaction rating was 59% from Mindanao, which dropped by nine points.

While 16 points were lost in Duterte’s satisfaction rating in the Visayas, which went from 90% to 74%. His lowest satisfaction rating of 62% came from Balanced Luzon, which was previously 74%.


Despite the decline, Octa said a majority of Filipinos still trust Marcos and Duterte.

3 male Pinoy crypto scam victims rescued from Myanmar

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) reported the arrival of the latest batch of human trafficking victims repatriated from Myanmar.

BI Commissioner Norman Tansingco shared that three male victims arrived in the country on Friday, on board a Philippine Airlines flight from Bangkok.

The victims, all in their 20s and early 30s, were recruited via Facebook to work as call center agents in Thailand.

However, as in the case of previous victims, they were fetched by a van and transported to Mae Sot, Thailand to cross the border to Myanmar via boat.

Upon arrival in Myanmar, they were told that they would be working as love scammers, targeting Americans and Europeans to invest in pseudo cryptocurrency accounts.

They were required to reach a weekly quota, otherwise they will be subjected to physical punishments like push ups and jump squats.

The victims likewise reported working 16-18 hours a day, with no day off. They were allowed to use their mobile phones but were heavily monitored by their employers.

They were allowed to go home only after paying almost Php 90,000 to their company.

Tansingco said that this latest batch of repatriates show that the syndicate is still operating, and shared that even other Asian countries have already reported the same concern.

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