“Pickup girl” YouTube video of Mr. Pogi German in Muntinlupa

Mr. Pogi German, a German YouTuber who videos himself picking up a girl on the street, has angered netizens and the mayor of a city.

The vlogger, who calls himself Mr. Pogi German is Marcel Messall. Muntinlupa City mayor Ruffy Biazon lambasted him for making a video of picking up a girl in the Alabang district, kissing her in a motel room, and giving her PHP1,000 (US$18.23) as assistance.


Biazon claimed he learned about the channel when his Facebook page was tagged by worried users. He has since urged the city council to declare the vlogger, a German national, persona non grata.

The video has Mr. Pogi German approaching a woman on the street, who identifies herself as Abby, 18, and asking her, “Magandang gabi, miss. Magkano?” (Good evening miss. How much [for your services]?)

“PHP1,000 sir all-in, tatlong oras po (for three hours),” the woman replied.


After checking into a nearby motel, the YouTuber brings her to a restaurant where he claims to ask her about her situation. “I want to help you,” he said.

The woman changes into enticing attire in their motel room.

“Wow, you look amazing. Wait, can you stay there? So amazing, so beautiful and cute,” he told her before they went to the bed.


“Pickup girl” YouTube video of Mr. Pogi German in Muntinlupa

“You told me you’re only 18 years old, you’re a single mother. I feel so bad [for] you,” he tells her before taking off his boxers. Then, Mr. Pogi German exclaimed, “It’s a prank! I mean, I’m actually not here to have sex with you,” and hands her cash.

They are also seen making out under the sheets, with the vlogger telling her, “You deserve the money. You are such a nice girl.”

Following the video’s release, Mr. Pogi German vlogger was arrested and detained for rape.

The woman in the video claimed she was a minor. She said she was shocked to learn from the of the vlog that she had been made to resemble a “pick-up girl.” Mr. Pogi German allegedly told her they would make a “24-hours jowa challenge.”

The German vlogger insisted that he did nothing improper on his vlog and denied knowing the victim was a minor.

Messall is also overstaying in the Philippines, according to the Bureau of Immigration, after his visa expired in 2019.

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