MMDA enforcer allegedly caught extorting money from driver

Because of the shame that was allegedly caused to his unit, MMDA Task Force Special Operations chief Bong Nebrija went to the precinct and preached a sermon to his staff who were caught allegedly extorting P300 from a truck driver in Quezon City.

In the GMA News Feed video, it was said that the police arrested MMDA enforcer Raul Lapore, due to a complaint by truck drivers passing through Avenue.


Lapore is said to visit drivers who are not in the truck lane and will ask for P300. But the enforcer denied the allegation against him.

It was learned that Lapore has been in the service for 25 years.

Despite Lapore’s denial, he was pressed on the allegation of fraud because of the bubble gum that was attached to the motorcycle he was using to cover its body number.


According to Nebrija, the mode of his thieves’ men is to cover the body number of the motorcycle to make it difficult for the complainants to identify who stole from them.

It is said that Lapore also has a record of mischief, so it was removed from the road and placed in the office.

MMDA enforcer allegedly caught extorting money from driver

It is said that Lapore will only be in Nebrija’s unit for two months.


“Hindi kayo agrabyado sa suweldo, hindi kayo agrabyado sa benepisyo, kotong pa kayo nang kotong. Ayaw niyo pang tigilan,” MMDA chief Nebrija told Lapore.

“hindi ka ba nahihiya sa ginawa mo?,” sabi pa ng opisyal. “Rason ka nang rason na malinis ka, na wala kang ginagawang masama, ano ngayon? Ikaw lang ang dumungis sa unit namin, ikaw lang!”

In the interview with Lapore, he said that he was only sending the driver he saw back to the truck lane, saying that he was trying to fix him.

But there’s no denying the bubble gum still stuck to Lapore’s motorcycle.

“Yung motor mo, nilagyan mo ng bubble gum para hindi makita iyong numero. Hindi ba kawatan ‘yan?,” Nebrija told Lapore. He will face a complaint of robbery extortion, and possibly be fired after 25 years on the job.

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