Jovit Baldivino suffers brain aneurysm after singing last song

After much speculation, the death of singer Jovit Baldivino has been confirmed by his family. The cause of death is a brain aneurysm.

An official statement delivered to Jerry Telan, Jovit’s previous handler in Star Magic, verified the news.


Below is the official statement of the singer’s family:

“According to Jovit Baldivino’s parents Mr. Hilario “Larry” and Mrs.Cristeta Baldivino and fiancé Camille Ann Miguel (during our personal visit in the hospital on December 6, 2022) he was recuperating for a week with hypertension maintenance medicines.

“Then he was invited by a family friend from Batangas City. Doctor’s advice not to sing while recuperating. Knowing “Bundoy” (Jovit), he gave in to clamor of the crowd. He sang 3 signature songs including Faithfully by Journey. He was gasping for breath on the 3rd song.


“After an hour while sitting, his face was deformed with flowing salivas. He was then rushed to the nearest ER at Nazareth of Jesus Hospital last December 3, 2022 around 10pm.

“CTscan showed a blood clot in the brain (sign of aneurysm). 100cc of blood was suctioned 2:00 AM of December 4, 2022. He was In comatose for 5 days.

Jovit Baldivino dies of brain aneurysm

“Our dearest Jovit Baldivino joined our Creator 4:00 AM today December 9, 2022. He was 29.”


In 2010, he became the first victor of the reality talent competition Pilipinas Got Talent.

The popular songs “Pusong Bato” and “Ika’y Mahal Pa Rin” by Jovit Baldivino returned in October 2020 and quickly took over social media. They were then combined with K-pop songs like “Psycho,” “What Is Love?” (performed by Red Velvet), “Ice Cream,” “Dynamite,” and “Dynamite” (performed by TWICE), all by various artists.

A brain aneurysm is a bulging or ballooning in a brain blood artery. An aneurysm frequently resembles a berry on a stalk. It can leak or rupture, resulting in brain hemorrhage (hemorrhagic stroke).

The main sign of a ruptured aneurysm is a strong headache. This headache is frequently regarded as the “worst headache” ever felt.

Anger and sadness increase blood pressure, which can lead to the rupture of an aneurysm.

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