Maragusan: Trekker’s dream with waterfalls and the world’s biggest flower


Maragusan “One Step Into the Heavens Above” – A Place of Beauty on the Island of Mindanao –

Maragusan is a small region, high in the mountains of Compostela Valley on the Island of Mindanao. This area is known not only for its beauty, but also for the cool temperatures and the high rocky mountain landscapes that encase it.


Often referred to as “The Summer Home of Davao City,” the town rests approximately 3,000+ feet above sea level.

The town historically had been known as San Mariano – centuries ago the original settlers of this area were the Mansaka Tribe; their identity to the Philippines lies in the native word “Man-Agusan”, meaning a settler along the Augusan River.

Another View of the Hot Springs of Margusan

The phonetical word “Man-Augsan” was changed to Maragusan and referrers to the gentle plains of Maragusan, Caragan, and Tag-ugpo and today are the combined parts of Maragusan Valley.


Mt. Candalaga surrounds the basin of Margusan and stands at a stunning 7,200 feet above sea level, a trekkers dream come true.

The mountains in and around Maragusan and Compostela Valley are home to a rare flower known as the Rafflesia Mira.

Rafflesia is endemic to Southeast Asia and is home to more than 10 species in all. The Rafflesia Magnifica is a new found breed growing in the region of Maragusan.

Ruflessia Mira – the largest blooming flower in the world



Studying the blooming and the species of the Ruflessia Flower
Studying the blooming and the species of the Ruflessia Flower

Rafflesia Mira is the largest blooming flower in the world, and is known for its thick leather type formation and is also known for its horrific rotting smell – many people flock to the area during the blooming of this magnificent flower in the month of October.

Additional flora and fauna can be found throughout the regions of Maragusan, an attraction that brings endless surprises everywhere.

Maragusan Valley is filled with stunning waterfalls that drain into the basin of the lush green lands of Maragusan plato.

Over 30 waterfalls in all make up the entire area and attract many tourists to the region.

Tagbibinta Falls of Maragusan, Just One of the Beautiful Falls in this region of Compstela Valley


The Marangig Falls is one of the more unique waterfalls in Maragusan as it has a total of 13 drops down the steep mountainside.

The first 2 are easy to access, but the remaining 11 can take the best of the best to reach.

Those who trek up to this mighty falls might want to look closely into the waters,  as the waterway is filled with fool’s gold’ or pyrite a unique aspect that often ‘fools’ the best of us.

Tagbibinta Falls has a drop of over 700 feet – the beauty of this cascading waterway is simply amazing.

Haven’s Peak Resort – A stunning hillside resort overlooking the village of Maragusan and the beautiful floor of the high mountain plato
Another Look at the Beauty of Haven’s Peak Resort in Margausan, Compostela Valley

In the past many have heard of the devastating effects of Typhoon Pablo on the Compostela Valley region.

The area of Maragusan lays high and protected, allowing the typhoon to skip over this particular region.

Sorry to say, but other parts of Compostela Valley were devastated beyond recognition in 2012, many homes, resorts and landscapes are still in dire condition even years after the storm came crashing in.

For foreigners, the area of Maragusan is a perfect place for those seeking to live in cooler climates of the Philippines – the morning fog and beauty that is simply never ending, I have never seen a place that I have personally loved to much as I have in Maragusan.

Getting to Marigusan is getting better each and every year – nice cement roads are being built into and out of the region – before the dirt roads would often wash away, making it difficult to navigate.

Today those roads are very nice and makes coming from Tagum City or from Mati City a nice site-seeing place to be.


If high mountains, waterfalls, mountain trekking and the beauty of nature that is untouched, and cool mountain breezes is something that would attract you – then Maragusan is for you.

This region has called me back time and time again – though the town is not much to see, the rest of this stunning valley will keep you occupied for many years to come.

Remember the regions of Compostela Valley and the beauty of Maragusan on your next trip to the island of Mindanao.

Simply said in the most eloquent way – “My Place, My Heart, Maragusan.”

Aguacan Cold Spring – A Stunning Resort Setting in Maragusan, ComVal
The beauty of nature on the hillside of Maragusan