Jiro Manio answers if he will also sell other acting award trophies

Former child star Jiro Manio recently sold his Gawad Urian Best Actor trophy for P75,000 to a vlogger. Does he have plans to sell the other awards he received for the said movie?

In the program “Dapat Alam Mo,” Jiro took part in the “Not Gonna Lie” segment, and he answered some hot questions from Susan Enriquez.


Due to Jiro’s excellent performance in his role in “Magnifico” which was released in 2004, he received recognition from various award-giving bodies. This includes Urian, Famas, and FAP or Film Academy of the Philippines.

This is also Jiro’s award that made history as the youngest actor to win it at the age of 12.

That’s why Jiro was asked if he also plans to sell his other awards to consolidate them related to the movie “Magnifico.”


But according to Jiro, he has no intention of selling his other awards, and no one is offering to buy them either.

He said he takes care of them, and it’s sad if they run out.

Jiro admitted that he sold his Urian trophy to “Pinoy Pawnstars” vlogger Boss Toyo or Jayson Luzadas because he needed money for Christmas and New Year.


Jiro Manio answers if he will also sell other acting award trophies

Jiro tried to sell the award for P500,000 but admitted that he didn’t know much about the pricing of won trophies.

Boss Toyo demanded P50,000 to P60,000, but Jiro insisted on the price of P100,000.

Boss Toyo noticed that Jiro’s name was not engraved on the trophy.

Later, Jiro and Boss Toyo agreed on the amount of P75,000 for the trophy.

Apart from that, Jiro also said that he wanted his trophy to be taken care of and included in Jayson’s museum.

Susan also asked Jiro if he still plans to return to acting or the showbiz industry.

According to Jiro, right now, he is happy with his family and friends.

Jiro also said he wanted to focus on himself so that his recovery would continue after his previous rehab.

Currently, Jiro works as a volunteer at a rehab facility in Bataan.

As a watchman and co-facilitator, Jiro inspires new entrants to the rehab facility.

According to Jiro, he is not only helping others with what he does in the said facility, but he is not also helping himself.

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