Israel, Germany offer jobs for hundreds of Filipinos

Israel and have job offers for hundreds of now that opportunities for overseas Filipino workers have resumed following the pandemic.

Israel needs up to 800 hotel workers through government-to-government hiring by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).


In Germany, POEA needs to hire 600 nurses for the Triple Win program in 2022.

But according to a private German employer, who owns 25 nursing homes, their country needs more nurses because of the size of the aging population.

“Until 2030, we're looking at the like of a hundred-thousand nurses per year. It depends on the statistics you're looking at, but in general the need is tremendous,” said Mathias Hallerbach of C&C Germany.


The main requirement is German language proficiency, so the application process takes about one year.

The salary is up to € 3,000 or almost P170,000, and there is a chance to become a permanent resident later.

Despite the opportunity, only 7,000 health care workers will be allowed to leave in 2022 due to the government's deployment cap.


He said Secretary Abdullah Mamao, secretary of the newly established Department of Migrant Workers, wanted to preview the deployment cap.

“That is one area that we can be flexible because of the big requirements of in different countries,” said Mamao, who has a son who works in Canada as a nurse.

Israel, Germany offer jobs for hundreds of Filipinos

Mamao thinks many more opportunities will open up for Filipinos in Europe, Canada, and Turkey.

The Philippine government raised its deployment cap on health workers last month.

According to Villamor Ventura Plan, deputy administrator of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, the deployment cap is presently at 7,000, up from 3,500 in early 2021.

The POEA is also in discussions with the Commission on Higher Education and the Department of Health to determine if the deployment cap will be maintained, according to Plan, who also said that the country's demand for health workers must be taken into account.

To ensure that the country has adequate medical front-liners in the COVID-19 pandemic, the Philippine government set an annual cap on nurses and other health workers seeking work overseas.

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