Check Out This Monolith Found in the Utah Desert

A team that was surveying the bighorn sheep at Utah’s Wildlife agency recently discovered a very strange object. It measured between 10 and 12 feet tall and was embedded in the ground at a remote place in the Red Rock Country. 

The officials discovered it embedded in the rock on the southeastern part of Utah. They said they did not know exactly how deep it was, or even how long it had been there. 


This team was actually in the process of counting bighorn sheep using a helicopter when they made the discovery. What they saw was something odd at a distance and they landed their chopper in order to take a closer look.

Check Out This Monolith Found in the Utah Desert
Image Source: The Guardian

How Did it Look?

This odd-looking thing looked like a metallic monolith that was tall enough and firmly planted in the ground. There were no clear signs as to where it had come from or why it was put there. 

The Utah Department of Public Safety hence decided to reveal its existence to the world and did a survey as to what people thought it was. 


Where Exactly Was it Found?

Check Out This Monolith Found in the Utah Desert
Image Source: New York Times

The object was discovered at a remote location that is described by Aaron Bott – who is the Utah Division of Wildlife Resource’s main spokesman as being rocky and very rugged. It has many potential hazards and cannons, plus it is an extremely tough place for a vehicle or humans on foot.

He said that they normally fly very low when doing their surveys so they can be able to identify the gender of a sheep and that is how they were able to find this strange monolith out there in the desert.

The object was pointed right and had one little crack. The Utah officials were able to share photos of the discovery for the many observers to see.


Facebook Survey

On Facebook, the Utah Patrol shared photos of the object, plus sheep, and asked the public for opinions and thoughts of what they thought it could be. Was it a sheet of metal? Or was it sheep? 

Most of the respondents gave their suggestions that it was “an eyesore,” “a resonance deflector,” “some good metal,” and “not a sheep.”

Some actually joked that it was a Wi-Fi router, while others assumed it was a leftover movie prop from “Star Trek,” or “Indiana Jones,” or from “Mission Impossible” movies.

What Did the Officials Conclude?

Check Out This Monolith Found in the Utah Desert
Image Source: Central Maine

The spokesman from the Department of Public Safety – Lt. Nick Street said that they were all confident as authorities that it was someone’s art installation or rather an artistic attempt.

He also said that it appeared to have been made of stainless steel and had been put together with human-made rivets that had been embedded into the rock, although its depth was a mystery.

He insisted that someone had taken the time to use some concrete-cutting machine in order to really dig down and in the exact object’s shape and embed it deep very well. He added that it was pretty odd, and there were roads close by that could haul the materials needed to cut into the rock, and then haul the metal inside.

Can People Visit and View the Monolith?

The officials declined to give an exact location of the monolith because they said that any attempts to try and visit it for viewing were extremely dangerous. They also indicated that the monolith was on federally managed land and that this was millions of acres.

It is illegal for anyone to install structures of whatever nature on this land without the authorization of the federal government that is responsible for public lands regardless of who you are or what planet you could be from.

Check Out This Monolith Found in the Utah Desert
Image Source: CBS 8


Well, if you would love to see this Monolith, it is virtually impossible to do so, due to the rules that have been set by the federal government, but we have included enough photos above for you to have a clue as to how it looks exactly.