Discover the Most Unusual Pools in the World

For some people, swimming is seen as a sport, and for others, it’s a leisure activity. There is no denying the multitude of health benefits swimming has to offer. Swimming keeps the heart healthy, develops endurance, and tones muscles. It is even a prescribed exercise for weight loss. There is no doubt then that regular swimmers are incredibly healthy people. Pools are the go-to for regular swimmers since they are easily accessible. One could find them at hotels, at a few parks, or in some naturally-occurring states. If you think you have seen every type of pool, you would be very wrong.

Here, we’re going to give you a look at 7 most unusual pools that exist across the world. Below, click Next and discover the swimming pools that are going to shock you.

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The Library Blood Red Pool

87de05370eae05d4cf7c2bb1258c26c8 red pool
Image Source: Booking

While this pool is blood-red in color, the water is actually crystal clear. The designers in their bid to go out of the ordinary leveraged on red, yellow, and orange tiles at the pool’s bottom to make the water seem red.


Beer Pool

Starkenberger Beer Pools – Tarrenz, Austria - Gastro Obscura
Image Source: Atlas Obscura

This pool is offered by Brauerei Schloss Starkenberg Betriebs, an Austrian brewery that perhaps had more beer than they could handle. You would expect beer enthusiasts to storm the place. Hundreds of people head into the brewery hoping to drink a beer and swim.


OneEighty at the Edge

ONEEIGHTY, Pecatu - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - Tripadvisor
Image Source: TripAdvisor

In Uluwatu, Indonesia, this pool is perfect for those who love living on the edge. The designers of the pool incorporated stunning designs that leveraged on the Rocky cliffside to end with a glass enclosure protruding from the cliff.


Nemo 33

Nemo 33 - Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Situated in Brussels, Belgium, and measuring a maximum depth of 34.5 meters, Nemo 33 once held the record as the deepest indoor pool in the world. We would not recommend that newbies go for a swim here as there are more than a few things that could go wrong.


Marina Bay Skypark Pool

Infinity Pool | Things To See & Do in Singapore | Marina Bay Sands
Image Source: Marina Bay Sands

The Skypark hotel situated in Singapore is one of many hotels that offers a high-end experience. Its pool is located 55 stories high at the very edge of the building. It’s no doubt then that this is designed only for those who are not scared of heights, or at least those who are willing to battle that fear.


Badeschiff Pool

The pool in the river - Picture of Badeschiff, Berlin - Tripadvisor
Image Source: TripAdvisor

The Badeschiff was designed simply to give people a feel of swimming in the extremely polluted river surrounding it. Situated in Berlin, Germany, it is one of few pools that remain open to users until late at night.


Y-40 (The Deep Joy)

Y-40 Deep Joy A True Joy For Divers • Scuba Diver Life
Image Source: Scuba Diver Life

This is the deepest indoor pool in the world, beating the Nemo 33 upon completion in 2014. Housed in Hotel Millepini Terme in Montegrotto Terme, Italy, it reaches a maximum depth of 130 ft., and it holds an outstanding 4,300 cubic meters of water.