Army probes alleged involvement of general in Yvonette Plaza’s death

The 10th Infantry Division (10ID) is conducting its own investigation following the involvement of a military general in the murder of businessman and model Yvonette Plaza in Davao City, according to Philippine Army chief Lieutenant General Romeo Brawner Jr.

This Thursday, Brawner said that they advised Brigadier General Durante III to cooperate in the ongoing investigation related to what happened to Plaza.


“The 10ID is already conducting its own investigation. We are waiting for the results. We have advised General Durante to cooperate with any investigation on the allegations against him,” Brawner said.

Durante previously said that his name was only dragged into what happened to Yvonette Plaza, based on the victim’s old Facebook post in April 2022.

“Yvonne was a friend. My name is being dragged based on an FB post made last April 2022 wherein I allegedly hurt her. She later retracted the post and issued a statement that I did not in any way harm her,” Durante said in the statement.


“I am deeply saddened by her demise and condole with her family and friends. I, myself, demand justice for Yvonne,” the general said.

Army probes alleged involvement of general in Yvonette Plaza’s death

According to 10ID spokesperson Captain Mark Anthony Tito, no one has yet filed a formal complaint against any of their officers in relation to what happened to Plaza.

“So far, there is no formal request or complaint against one of our officers. Thus, we could not take action based on social media,” said Tito.


10ID is also awaiting the results of the ongoing police investigation.

“We will not condone any wrongdoing of our personnel including officers,” assured Tito.

Plaza was shot and killed by riding in tandem outside her house on December 28. It is said that Yvonette Plaza had just gotten out of his SUV and went to the gate when the riding in tandem arrived. The rider got down and shot the victim at close range, who was killed immediately.

The police have offered a P1 million reward to anyone who can provide information to identify the perpetrators.

Among the motives police are looking at in the crime are personal feuds and business.

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