American Airlines Job Openings: Application Process

American Airlines (AA) stands as the globe’s largest airline, serving more than 360 destinations across 61 countries, including all major cities in the USA.

To join AA, it’s essential to understand their recruitment process and the latest job openings.


This guide is your key to securing a position at American Airlines, renowned for its attractive salaries and perks. Discover what it’s like to work there and the steps to landing a job there.

Facts About American Airlines (AA)

American Airlines was created in 1930 through the merger of Robertson Aircraft Corporation and Colonial Air Transport. Its headquarters are in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

It’s the largest airline globally regarding fleet size, revenue, flights, and daily passengers. It transports over 500,000 passengers daily to 365 destinations in 61 countries. Major hubs are in key US cities, and it boasts the largest maintenance center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


As of the end of 2021, American Airlines employed 123,400 people. Currently, there are about 200 job openings in areas like customer service, cabin crew, operations, maintenance, and ground staff.

Challenges of working at American Airlines

Working for American Airlines can be challenging; you’ll need to:

  • Fast-paced work environment: The company operates quickly, and employees need to keep up with the pace.
  • High expectations: American Airlines sets high standards for its employees to meet.
  • Strict management: Managers are strict, and there’s little room for error.
  • Close monitoring: Employees are closely watched to ensure they’re meeting expectations.
  • Attentiveness: You must be constantly alert and ready to respond to customer needs.
  • Extra hours: Meeting customer needs might require working beyond regular hours.

And there’s the hiring process. Is it difficult?


American Airlines hiring process

American Airlines’ hiring process is straightforward and takes about three to five weeks. 

They’re hiring a lot, with more than 16,000 new employees in 2021 and plans for over 18,000 in 2022. 

If you’re qualified and put in the work on your application, your chances of landing a job with them are pretty good.

Apply for a job at American Airlines

To get started, head to the American Airlines website and navigate to the jobs section. Create an account, fill out your profile, upload any necessary documents, and save your information. 

This should take about 15 to 30 minutes. Once your profile is set, head over to the career page, pick a job you’re interested in, and hit apply. 

You might need to add some extra details to your profile before submitting your application.

American Airlines Application Process: Step by Step

Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Job Application: To land a job at American Airlines, apply through their official site. Attach your resume, a cover letter, and a filled-out application form. Some positions might ask for more documents.
  2. Assessment: You’ll go through an assessment, including a personality test and a situational test, to see if you’re a good fit. Pilots have an extra pilot test on top of the standard cognitive and personality tests.
  3. Interviews: If you pass the assessment, you’ll have a group virtual interview, where you might need to collaborate on tasks. Do well, and you’ll move on to a personal interview.
  4. Training: Most positions require intensive training in a fast-paced setting. The length varies, but it’s usually around six weeks. For instance, flight attendants have six weeks of thorough training, with all materials provided.
  5. Acceptance: Once you finish training, you’ll get an acceptance letter detailing your job terms, salary, and benefits.

Common Interview Questions of American Airlines

Here are some common interview questions American Airlines hiring manager might ask:

  • Tell us about yourself. Talk about your career journey and why you want to join American Airlines. Focus on your strengths, skills, and teamwork abilities.
  • Share an example of a difficult situation you’ve faced and how you resolved it. This question evaluates your critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and crisis management skills.
  • What do you look for in a company? The interviewer wants to know if you align with American Airlines’ values and culture.
  • How would you handle an upset customer? In your response, demonstrate your maturity, calmness, problem-solving approach, and diplomatic skills.
  • If you and your customers are in danger, what’s your action plan? This question tests your problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, people skills, and ability to stay composed under pressure.

What Sets American Airlines Apart?

To join American Airlines, you need excellent people skills and teamwork.

American Airlines offers both pros and cons, like any job.

One benefit is the thorough training and support for staff, helping them thrive in their roles. Here’s a peek at working at American Airlines.

Work Environment

At American Airlines, you’ll work with people from various backgrounds.

The company values diversity, equality, and inclusion, creating a friendly and open atmosphere for all employees, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Growth Opportunities

American Airlines provides plenty of chances for growth and career advancement.

With one to two years of experience and after the initial trial period, employees can move up the career ladder by continuously learning and demonstrating a solid work ethic.

Competitive Wages

According to PayScale, the average yearly salary at American Airlines is $78,000.

Flight attendants typically earn around $44,461, with the potential to make up to $80,000. Airline captains are among the top earners, with an average salary of $213,133.

Company benefits

At American Airlines, we offer great benefits:

  • Travel perks: Our employees and their families get to travel around the world at low rates.
  • Health care: From day one, you get health, dental, vision, and drug coverage.
  • 401(k) plan: Most employees can save for retirement with a 401(k) plan.
  • Career growth: We have programs and online tools to help you grow in your career.
  • Scholarships: Your kids can apply for scholarships and grants for their education.

They have all kinds of jobs in over 30 departments, from San Francisco to Washington, D.C.

If you’re keen on a tech career, here are 10 top-paying and fast-growing options, along with what you need to qualify:

1. Developer / Senior Developer, IT Applications

  • Salary: $144,907
  • Perks: Travel perks, 401(k), health perks, wellness programs
  • Experience: 3 years in software development, 3 years in design and open source
  • Education: Master’s in computer systems engineering, computer science, or similar

A senior developer at American Airlines tackles business challenges using technology throughout the development cycle.

2. Engineer / Senior Engineer, IT Infrastructure

  • Salary: $143,598
  • Perks: Travel perks, 401(k), health perks, wellness programs
  • Experience: 3+ years in airlines and leadership
  • Education: Master’s in computer science, computer engineering, or similar

These engineers handle traditional and cloud-based infrastructure, with salaries ranging from $118,000 to $177,000.

3. Project Manager / Senior Project Manager, IT

  • Salary: $156,414
  • Perks: Travel perks, 401(k), health perks, wellness programs
  • Experience: 3 years in information systems and business, 3+ years leading IT projects
  • Education: Bachelor’s in computer science, computer engineering, or similar

Project managers oversee fast-moving projects, setting visions and managing scopes. Salaries range from $129,000 to $193,000.

4. Analyst, Contact Center – Continuous Improvement

  • Salary: $92,297
  • Perks: 401(k), health insurance, travel discounts
  • Experience: 3 years in industrial engineering, marketing, or operations
  • Education: Bachelor’s in a relevant field, basic airline knowledge

This role aims to enhance customer experiences, supporting contact center management.

5. Senior Analyst, Regional Strategy and Business Planning

  • Salary: $116,736
  • Perks: Travel perks, health perks, wellness programs, 401(k)
  • Experience: 3+ years in commercial or operational roles, Excel and PowerPoint proficiency
  • Education: Bachelor’s in aviation, economics, business, or finance

This job involves data analysis to support business initiatives and improve airline performance.

6. Facility Maintenance Repairer

  • Salary: $59,575
  • Perks: Travel perks, health measures, wellness programs
  • Experience: 3+ years as a permanent maintenance engineer
  • Education: FAA or EASA certificate

Responsible for maintaining mechanical systems at the airport and ensuring emergency equipment readiness.

7. Assistant Analyst / IT Operations

  • Salary: £62,741
  • Perks: Travel perks, health perks, wellness programs, 401(k)
  • Experience: 2 years on a help desk, 2 years in troubleshooting
  • Education: Technical degree, Apple certification, A+ certification

Addresses first-level IT issues over the phone.

8. Coordinator, Customer Experience Product Support

  • Salary: $49,256
  • Perks: Health insurance, 401(k), wellness programs, flight benefits
  • Experience: 3 years in airline service, business solutions support
  • Education: Bachelor’s in business, technology, aviation management, or similar

Supports product teams and applications, requiring strong communication skills.

9. Specialist, Flight Operations Technician

  • Salary: $71,158
  • Perks: Travel perks, health perks, 401(k), and more
  • Experience: 3 years in flight operations, 3 years in aviation safety standards
  • Education: Bachelor’s in a relevant field

Compliance, audits, and risk management ensure flight operations’ quality and safety.

10. Cabin Service Person

  • Salary: $38,291
  • Perks: 401(k), health insurance, travel discounts
  • Experience: 1+ years in service, valid driver’s license, basic computer skills
  • Education: High school diploma / GED

Responsible for cleaning, restocking, and disinfecting aircraft cabins to ensure a pleasant passenger experience.


American Airlines is a top player in the global aviation scene, providing a vibrant workplace full of opportunities.

If you want to work for this prestigious company, learn about its recruitment process, showcase your abilities, and fit in with its work culture.

Though there may be hurdles, the perks and fulfilling experiences make it a sought-after employer. Go for it and aim for a high-flying career with American Airlines.