Speaker Romualdez denies spearheading people’s initiative to amend constitution

Speaker Martin Romualdez responded to the senators’ accusations against him and the House of Representatives regarding the people’s initiative (PI) move to amend the 1987 Constitution. He suggested to the senators to work and follow “parliamentary courtesy.”

In the press conference this Friday, Romualdez said that the Senate should focus on their work to pass the priority bills of the Marcos administration instead of criticizing the House and linking to the PI.


“Tapos na ang trabaho ng House of Representatives [Kamara] . Tapos na lahat ng assignment. Iyong senador, hindi pa tapos. Tapusin niyo [Senado] ang trabaho niyo. Naghihintay ang mga Pilipino. Kadugay (ang bagal),” Romualdez’s statement when asked by reporters at the Legislative Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC) meeting that did not proceed this Thursday.

Romualdez was also accused by his cousin, Sen. Imee Marcos, of allegedly opposing the wishes of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr not to pursue the PI.

Besides pointing to Romualdez as the one behind the PI, Sen Imee said that P20 million has been allocated to each district in relation to the PI.


But according to Romualdez, who previously denied that he had anything to do with gathering signatures for the PI, making laws is the job of the House and Senate.

Speaker Romualdez denies spearheading people’s initiative to amend constitution

“Wala kayong pakialam sa PI,” said Romualdez. “Trabaho ‘yan ng taumbayan. Ang Congress at senator, ang trabaho, legislation. PI is power of the people. Buckle down to work. There is only 24 of you, get your act together. Focus on your work. Stop hitting on Congress and maintain parliamentary courtesy.”

All senators signed a manifesto opposing the PI and moving for a Charter change that would combine the votes of senators and congressmen.


Regarding the allegation of the alleged P20 million allocation to each district, the House leader said, “There are many marites (gossip) in the Senate. All speculation.”

Romualdez has already written to Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri to ensure the House’s support for the Senate’s Resolution of Both Houses 6, which aims to amend the economic provisions in the Constitution.

“The House of Representatives, despite the very toxic rhetoric coming out of the Senate… we would like to suggest to the leadership to exercise parliamentary courtesy and that they behave more properly. I wrote the letter to assuage any hurt feelings that they have ,” according to Romualdez.

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