Senate’s Cha-cha for economy – Angara

Senator Sonny Angara assured that political provisions would not be included in the Senate’s deliberation on the Charter change (Cha-cha) to amend the provisions that are only for the economy.

“Maganda ‘yung gagawin ng Senado dahil limitado lamang sa economic amendments ito. ‘Di katulad ng [people’s initiative] na walang limitasyon… kung sakaling ma-amyendahan ang paraan ng botohan sa pag-amyenda ng Saligang Batas,” said Angara.


“Hindi tatalakayin ng ating subcommittee ang amyendang pampulitika,” he added.

This Wednesday, the Senate formed a sub-committee under the committee on constitutional amendments and revision of codes to discuss Resolution of Both Houses No. 6, filed by Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri, Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda, and Angara.

The purpose of RBH No. 6 is to amend some economic provisions in the 1987 Constitution, specifically Articles XII, XIV, and XVI.


The resolution will amend the provision in the Constitution regarding public services, education, and the advertising industry to add the word “unless otherwise provided by law.”

According to Angara, who has been chosen to lead the subcommittee, they will focus on the content of RBH 6 to ensure that their deliberation is limited and focused.

Senate’s Cha-cha for economy – Angara

The committee will invite the “wide sector of society and the political spectrum to ensure health discussion and debate,” Angara said.


House Majority Leader Mannix Dalipe insisted that Cha-cha in the House of Representatives is also for economic provisions and not the term extension of officials.

The congressman announced this in reaction to former President Rodrigo Duterte’s allegation that lawmakers want the Marcoses to stay in power for a long time in connection with the people’s initiative (PI) step, which is a way to amend the Constitution.

“Let’s stop resorting to such stories and other shenanigans. We are happy that the Senate is now going to deliberate on it (Resolution of Both Houses on amending economic provisions) because we have been waiting for it for so long,” said Dalipe.

“The suspicion that we are trying to do this to have somebody become a prime minister or something, records will prove otherwise. I’m challenging those who are accusing the House of Representatives of trying to put in this, you know, pushing for this constitutional amendments or changes in our constitution…show us proof that we are the ones pushing for political changes. We challenge them to check the records of the Senate of what we transmitted,” dared Dalipe.

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