Romanian and Nigerian arrested at Cambodian airport with huge stash of cocaine

Phnom penh airport, cambodian airport cocaine bust
2 Foreigners Arrested in Cambodian Airport Cocaine Bust after US Tipoff –

Police have arrested two men at Phnom Penh Airport with nearly half a million dollars worth of cocaine in a suitcase.

Arrested was 35-year-old Adrian-Calin Varadi, a Romanian who arrived from Brazil and was apprehended by authorities at the airport in response to a tip from the US Drug Enforcement Administration.


Also arrested was a Nigerian who police say Varadi was about to hand off the stash of drugs to.

The Nigerian was identified at 40-year-old Chukwuemeka Ibe. Under questioning Varadi told police that Ibe was his contact person in Cambodia.

Ibe is said to have originated from Thailand where police believe the drugs were intended to be distributed.


Police said that the arrests mirrored those of a drug bust at the Siem Reap International Airport in 2013 where a 38-year-old Romanian was arrested with 3.5 kg of cocaine in his luggage. He too had just arrived from Brazil.