Resort owners in Misamis Oriental warned of shark danger after body found

shark attack image
Shark Alert Raised With Local Resort Owners in Misamis Oriental –

Resort owners in Northern capital region of Misamis have been advised to adopt precautionary measures due to the recent rash of shark sightings in the waters off the coastal area.


The mayor of the town of Opol met with dozens of resort owners this week to urge them to adopt safety measures for visitors after recent reports that sharks were found “feasting” on a cadaver of a man that was found floating in the coastal area of El Salvador City this week.

Resort owners agreed to post lifeguards to protect guests, and warn the public of possible shark attacks. The owners also agreed to construct watchtowers with loud speakers strong enough to warn swimmers of shark sightings.

The mayor also told the public this week that they would install buoys which would keep swimmers and waders within a safe area of the beaches.


The mayor also said that night swimming would be forbidden.

“A notice prohibiting night swimming would be installed prominently in all the beach resorts here,” Seno said.

Last week a group of fisherman and members of the local Coast in Molugan, El Salvador City, reported that they discovered a cadaver of a man floating a few kilometres off the shoreline. The leader of the group and other members went to the scene to retrieve the body but were held off by sharks that were feasting on it.


“The rescuers could not go near the body because the sharks would threaten to the boat every time we attempted to get near,” the mayor said.