Quality Assurance: How To Apply For Jobs As A QA Engineer

A QA engineer is responsible for making sure a product or service is absolutely perfect. That is a whole lot of responsibility for sure. A QA engineer is essentially the final test on a product or service before it meets the customer.

From software quality assurance to assembly line testers, this line of work is the last line of defense before a product hits the market. QA analysts help in keeping product managers and engineers in check. This role has a significant effect on the company’s sales.


This field of work also tends to promote quicker than others, and the ceiling of opportunity is very high. Employees usually start from entry-level as testers and then move up into software engineering, product lead or other managerial roles.

Quality Assurance: How To Apply For Jobs As A QA Engineer
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How To Apply For A Job As A QA Engineer

In most cases, getting your first job as a QA can be hard, as fresh candidates always feel like they lack experience, and since the competition is stiff, companies are likely to hire experienced people first.

You should however not worry about this so much, as there are many companies with entry-level positions you can apply, so look for such companies.


Make Sure You Have QA Engineer Skills

Being a professional tester is the first step towards a career in QA. You shall need to possess all of the knowledgeable skills before embarking on this career. Companies will look for people who at least have an undergraduate degree as they have been trained on how to do the job perfectly.

Knowing more than one area can also come in handy, as this kind of person is invaluable to the organization, and chances are that they shall view you as a problem solver that they cannot do without.

Build your personal skills such as analytical, critical thinking, cooperation skills, and efficiency before looking for a job, and ensure that you participate in activities that build this area of your life such as socially oriented projects and volunteer positions if only to build your experience.


Build Your Resume And Experience

These achievements should be captured in your resume, and you must also have at least one engagement in concrete things that shall point you out in an interview. These should be things related to your field of work.

A good example would be; if you are volunteering in an IT firm around your state, this should be included as it contributes to part of your experience and achievements.

How To Apply For A QA Engineer Job

When looking for work in this area as a newbie, target smaller companies as they are known to take risks by employing people with less experience. They are open in this way because their demands are less compared to the developed companies.

With time, you will make your way to the large corporations, once you have amassed a of experience. Some of these companies have been known to hire individuals without any prior training, and then train them in-house.

Here’s a link to some Quality Assurance jobs that are currently available. You can certainly apply online from home. And if you meet the company criteria they will you for an interview.

Use Your Personal Connections

If the job sites do not bear any fruit, it is time to look for friends who work in such areas and ask them to connect yours with job opportunities. You will be surprised to find that employers often ask their own employees to help fill hard-to-fill positions.

Recommendations are good at this time, especially if you are desperately looking for a job. Get the word round to your family, and even on your social media platforms that you are looking for a QA job.

Do Your Homework Before Interviews

As we mentioned above, almost all jobs in the market involve a competition between experienced personnel and the newbies. When searching for a job, therefore, you must distinguish yourself from everyone else regardless of your experience level.

Try and show the company what you are willing to bring on board, by giving them your abilities and capabilities. Let them understand how valuable you will be to their organization and the fact that they may not be willing to do without you.

Also, please note that the initial pay may not be too much. You must be willing to start with a low salary and keep moving up the ladder so you can make as much as you want. Be very patient on this.

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QA Engineer Jobs Conclusion

QA jobs are many and available in all sorts of sectors. But you need to know where to look for them. You can also a lot on platforms such as Upwork, which regularly advertise for these kinds of jobs. Employers can find the person they are looking for by having a look at your profile.