Public warned against eating frozen eggs

The Department of Health (DOH) and Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) are warning the public against eating frozen eggs that may be infected with Salmonella and E. Coli bacteria.

The DOH says that eating frozen eggs can make you sick because the bacteria that cause food poisoning usually live in raw foods.


It is said that the public should practice the proper handling and cooking of food to avoid contamination.

This follows reports that consumers are now choosing to buy frozen eggs because they are now cheaper.

But according to the DOH, it can cause infections that cause diarrhea, stomach pain, fever, dizziness, and vomiting.


Meanwhile, BAI spokesperson Arlene Vytiaco stated that cracked eggs are no longer safe for human consumption based on Philippine National Standards on eggs.

When buying eggs, the DOH advises the public to make sure that the eggs are clean, without cracks, the white does not leak, and there is no pungent smell, then cook them well.

Public warned against eating frozen eggs

The Department of Agriculture (DA) closely monitors the price of eggs to determine if its increase will continue.


Based on DA’s price monitoring data, it appears that the price of eggs is currently at P7 to P9, from P6 last year.

Assistant Secretary of the DA Kristine Evangelista says that to find out if this trend will continue, they need to look at the cost of production to see if this is why the price of eggs is going up.

“Para ma-determine natin kung ang presyo ng itlog ay tuluy-tuloy na tataas, we have to look into again the cost of production if that is the root cause,” said Evangelista.

The Philippine Egg Board Association (PEBA) first said that there has been a reduction in egg production in the country.

They said that the operating expenses for the breeders have increased, which is the result of the increase in the price of hatchlings and chicken pellets.

Evangelista said that the DA will also investigate the “layers of traders” to determine if this is the cause of the increase in the price of eggs.

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