Feminist hat designer vows revenge on man she accused of groping her

Mich Dulce
The unknown American expat accused of groping hat designer and feminist Mich Dulce

A feminist hat designer who accused an American expat of groping her has called on Filipino netizens to track him down and “ruin his life”.

Mich Dulce filmed a confrontation with the man, who denied her accusation and challenged her to produce video evidence of his alleged actions. No such footage or other form of proof has been given.


Despite this, the video clip has been shared thousands of times online and Ms Dulce’s version of events was featured on the front page of the Philippine Star today (Monday, October 16).

Mich Dulce
The front-page report in today’s Philippine Star

Ms Dulce, whose hats have featured at London Fashion Week, claims the American groped her backside at a bar in Makati on Friday night.

Taking to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, she wrote: “So this guy just groped my ass and I started to scream at him and he walked back and told me to my face that he was an American in the Philippines and that he could grab any ass he wanted.


“I couldn’t believe my ears. I started to film him after screaming at him for a while and he showed no remorse. I’m so pissed off at these entitled f**king assholes.

“Another white guy was watching the whole thing and said ‘that’s it? He should go to jail’. So there are still decent guys but f**king hell I hate these asshole sexpats.

“This post is public and I encourage you to share and shame this fucking idiot. He said he lives here so let’s ruin his life.”


Despite the lack of concrete evidence to support her claim of sexual assault, outraged “netizens” have been quick to take her side.

Writing on Twitter, Rowena V Guanzon said: “The white guy who groped Mich Dulce’s behind should have been arrested immediately for Acts of Lasciviousness.”

A user called Nor Domingo agreed, writing: “I say he gets a taste of the country’s penal system.”

As well as designing hats, Ms Dulce is also well known as an advocate for “female empowerment”, joining a march in Paris this year for women’s rights and equality.

She’s also part of a local women’s group that aims to provide a “safe space” to discuss feminism and other issues affecting Filipino women.

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