Marcos to prioritize food security, COVID-19 response

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s priority is the country’s food amid the global food crisis.

In his inaugural address, Marcos said that attention should be paid to “self-sufficiency,” which was also promised by previous administrations but not fulfilled.


“Food self-sufficiency has been the promise of every administration, none but one delivered,” said Marcos.

The President also said that food is not just part of the trade because people are weakening and dying without it.

“Food is not just a commodity trade. Without it, people weaken and die. Societies come apart. It is more than a livelihood, it is an existential imperative and a moral one,” said Marcos in his inaugural address.


He said the role of agriculture is crucial that should be focused on.

It will be recalled that Marcos appointed himself secretary of the before his inauguration.

Meanwhile, President Marcos yesterday promised to fix the government’s shortcomings in responding to the pandemic, and there are no secrets regarding public health.


“There were shortcomings in the COVID-19 response. We will fix them out in the open, no more secrets in public health,” said Marcos.

Marcos to prioritize food security, COVID-19 response

Marcos also promised that the Philippines would never be blinded again without equipment in the event of another pandemic.

Marcos was one of the first to be infected with COVID-19 during the height of the pandemic.

He also criticized the country’s weak public health system, which will not work during the pandemic.

He also mentioned the of medical workers to seek opportunities abroad.

Marcos also said that Philippine nurses are the best in the world, and their excellence is recognized abroad but not appreciated in their homeland.

“Our nurses are the best in the world, they have acquitted themselves with the highest distinction abroad, having suffered even the highest casualties with the same exemplary dedication. At home, they just got by,” said Marcos.

Marcos promised that there would be a change, especially since his Cabinet included Migrant Workers Secretary Susan Toots Ople in in-charge.

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