Duterte calls doctrine of Holy Trinity ‘silly’ and Jesus Christ ‘unimpressive’

Holy Trinity
Screenshot from livestream of today’s speech (watch below).

President has launched a fresh tirade against the Catholic Church, mocking the Holy Trinity as “silly” and Jesus as “unimpressive”.

In a speech in Kidapawan City, Cotabato, today (Saturday, December 29) the president said: “You’re already praying at one God, then you’re going to pray these cursed saints. There’s only one God. 


“There’s only one God, period. You cannot divide God into three, that’s silly.”

Before tackling the Holy Trinity doctrine, the president had described Jesus Christ is “unimpressive” because he had allowed himself to be crucified.

“Your God was nailed on the cross. Fuck. How unimpressive. I’m God and you will crucify me? Motherfucker. I’d tell them: ‘Lightning, finish all of them. Burn all the non-believers’.”


He also belittled belief in saints, who he has previously branded “fools” and “drunkards.”

“Saint Catalina, Saint Anne, Saint Thomas, Saint Sebastian, Saint Rodrigo, they’re nothing… I don’t know them. Look, those documents were written – if at all – 3,000 years ago. Why would they care about our lives now?

“Who wrote about them? Who’s Saint Thomas? We don’t know who they are. That might even be a name for a cow or camel then.”


The president has previously caused controversy for calling God “stupid” and the Pope a “son-of-a-bitch”.

However, the speech today provided some insight into the president’s disdain for the Catholic Church. 

He recalled confessing to a Catholic priest about an “inappropriate act” with a maid, and then being “touched” by the cleric.

The president described how as a youngster he went into a maid’s room while she was asleep and behaved inappropriately.

When he confessed this to a priest at school, he alleged that he was touched sexually. On several previous occasions, the president has claimed to have been molested by a Catholic priest.

“All children went through that. While we’re confessing, they touch us,” he said today.

“The Catholic church has become a very lewd thing. It has to correct itself before… or else I will be their enemy or I will continue to attack them.”

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