Fun Exercise for Kids-Best Apps to Download

Playing outside used to be the way kids got exercise, but no you have to find exercise for kids to do. These days kids are glued to one screen or another. That means their eyes are getting more exercise then any other part of them.

And although those screens are the biggest problem when it comes to getting kids to exercise, they can also help. Thanks to new-age kids exercise apps, kids can incorporate their beloved screen into their exercise routines.


From well-formulated exercise routines to virtual Avatars that mimic their moves- there’s everything to get your munchkins grooving.  However, the app stores are flooding with exercise for kids. Therefore, we have hunted down the 5 best for you.

Fun Exercise for Kids-Best Apps to Download

Swortik Kids

Boredom goes out of the window with Swortik’s combination of fitness workout sessions. The app has customized workout plans for building core strength as well as improving on different physiological parameters.


You can get specialized training videos for your kids that build their flexibility, agility, and balance. The app uses curiosity questions and dance sessions to make it all fun. They also incorporate warm ups and coo down to ensure your kids learn the correct way to exercise.

Availability: The app is available on as well as iOS platforms.

Price: The Kids’ content is 100% free.


Age: The app is appropriate for kids above the age of 5.


IronKids app, developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, is a pro exercise app for kids. This platform is especially helpful for young children who want to train for sports. It’s also great for teens as well with things like training videos, workout sessions, and fitness information.

They can train their core strengths, balance, and sport-specific traits with customized workouts based on sport-type and skill-level. In fact, IronKids also provides information on the prevention of injury during sports and exercise.

Availability: The app is currently available on iOS devices.

Price: This is a paid app, and you’ll have to pay $4 to download.

Age: Appropriate for all kids above the age of 5.

NFL Play 60

Do you want to make exercise more fun for your kids? Don’t call it “exercise” and let them be active while playing. Based on this concept, the American Heart Association developed this app as a fun game where your kids have an onscreen Avatar.

Moreover, the Avatar competes with opponents, jumps, dances, and has cool moves. What’s the catch? The Avatar only mimics the movements of your kids as they hold the phone. So, the kids have to engage in proper physical activity to make their Avatar do stuff and win coins.

Availability: The NFL 60 app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Price: NFL Play 60 is free to download.

Age: Appropriate for kids above the age of 5.

Kids Yogaverse: I Am Love

It is a known fact that kids learn the most by imitating someone their age. This application uses this trait to teach them 13 beneficial yoga poses by imitating other kids onscreen. The yoga poses will help your kids relax and prevent stress, mood swings, and fatigue.

Additionally, the poses are simple and demonstrated with clear instructions, along with attractive illustrations. If you want to teach your kids yoga but don’t know where to start, Kids Yogaverse is your go-to app.

Availability: The app is available on and iOS devices. It’s called “I Am Love: Kids Yoga Journey” on Android.

Price: $4 for iOS and $1 for

Age: Appropriate for children aged 5 and above.

Fun Exercise for Kids-Best Apps to Download

7-Minute Workout for Kids

Watch your kids grooving on nimble moves and having fun with an animated exercise Guru. The 7-Minute Workout app is the best for quick workout sessions for your kids.

The app teaches more than 30 fun exercise routines like squats, Wall-sits, planks, jumping jacks, and dips. Each routine is visibly and audibly demonstrated by an animated instructor.

Availability: Available on iOS devices.

Price: Free to download.

Age: Appropriate for children aged 5 and above.

With these applications at your hand, you will not have to chase your kids to get their daily dose of workout.

Fun Exercise For Kids Apps Conclusion

It’s strange that kids these days need to have someone actively telling them when and how to move their bodies. Those were things that were just natural for the generation before. But modern problems call for modern solutions and that’s why these exercise can help.