Enchong Dee calls Pialago ‘heartless, unintelligent’

Actor Enchong Dee slammed Metro Manila Development Authority () spokesperson Celine  over her supposed insensitive remarks on the grief of detained Reina Nasino.

“This person is Heartless and Unintelligent. Ilagay mo ang sarili mo sa kalagayan ng isang ina at mangyari to sayo,” Dee tweeted.


“Bilang isang tao…okay lang talaga sayo?” Enchong Dee added.

 drew flak for her remark on detained Reina Mae Nasino and her daughter River who died away from her mother.

posted on Sunday, October 18, that not all jailed mothers could attend to their children’s burials. She added that people should find out more about who Nasino is and why she was arrested and detained.


“Kaya iyong mga sumisimpatiya kay Reina Mae Nasino, pag-aralan ‘nyo mabuti ang dahilan bakit siya nakulong at kilalanin ‘nyong mabuti kung sino siya sa lipunan,” the MMDA spokesperson Celine said.

“Masyado ninyong ginagawang pang-drama serye sa hapon ang paghihinagpis niya. Tigilan ‘nyo!” she added to the now-deleted post.

(To those sympathizing with Reina Mae Nasino, know first why she’s detained and understand who she is in society. You’re making her grief like an afternoon drama series. Stop it!)


Pialago said it was her personal opinion on the matter, but the post was published under the MMDA Spokesperson account.

Enchong Dee calls Pialago ‘heartless, unintelligent’

Actress Anne Curtis and other celebrities also slammed the cops’ treatment of Nasino during her three-month-old baby River’s wake and burial.

“Was it really too much to ask to have compassion for a grieving mother?” Curtis said in a tweet.

In the retweet, Anne’s sister Jasmine wrote, “I don’t understand this.”

TV host Bianca Gonzalez shared Anne’s tweet, and also said, “Parang hindi man natin masabing ‘rest in peace’ kay baby River kasi hanggang huling hantungan, hindi man nakapagpaalam ng tahimik at payapa ang kanyang ina.”

(We can’t even tell baby River to rest in peace because even until her final resting place, her mother couldn’t peacefully and quietly say goodbye.)

Bianca also tweeted, “Baby River deserved better.”

Director Antoinette Jadaone also shared a video of River’s with the caption, “Mga walang puso (Heartless)!”