Duterte returning early from Japan due to ‘unbearable pain’ in spinal column

in is cutting short his Japan trip due to an “unbearable pain” in his spinal column Malacañang said Tuesday.

The president’s spokesperson Salvador Panelo disclosed the situation after Duterte attended the enthronement ceremony for Japan’s Emperor Naruhito in Tokyo, Tuesday afternoon.


“The Palace announces that the President will cut short his trip to Japan due to unbearable pain in his spinal column near the pelvic bone as a consequence of his fall during his ride last Thursday, October 17,” Panelo said.

Panelo said the President would go back to the Philippines early Tuesday evening. He also said Duterte would consult his neurologist tomorrow.

As a result, Duterte will be absent at the Emperor’s banquet tonight at the Imperial Palace. The President, however, asked his daughter Davao City Mayor to represent him and attend on his behalf.


According to Panelo, Duterte attended the enthronement ceremony in Japan even while in pain. He said the President used a cane to “to assist him in his walk.”

“While this was unforeseeable, the public can rest assured that there is nothing to worry as regards the physical health and condition of the President as he gives serious priority thereto in actively serving our country,” Panelo said.

Last week, Senator Bong confirmed that the President had a minor accident while driving inside the Malacañang complex. Duterte got slight scratches and light bruises from the crash.