Couple robbed during date; boyfriend stabbed dead while gf raped

A 24-year-old man was stabbed to death, while his 17-year-old girlfriend was raped after they were intercepted and held by three suspects while strolling on Coastal Road in San Roque, Lapasan in de Oro City.

Based on the report sent by Police Colonel Aaron Mandia, City Director, to Police Brigadier General Benjamin Casuga Acorda Jr., Regional Director of PRO 10, it was said that around 1:30 am on July 17, when they received information about the crime.


Upon investigation, it was found that the couple was dating when three men grabbed them and took them to a dark area of ​​the coastal road.

The male victim, a delivery rider, sustained 10 stab wounds and did not make it to the hospital alive.

The female victim was raped, and the perpetrators fled. Police are still awaiting the outcome of the female victim’s medico-legal examination.


In hot pursuit operations conducted by the authorities, two suspects were arrested, but they denied the crime.

Police are continuing their investigation and pursuit of another suspect.

Just last week, a couple who were also camping in Boac, Marinduque, was attacked by an assailant.


The suspect killed the man and raped the 17-year-old woman.

The  happened early Friday morning around 1:30 am in Barangay Ihatub in Boac.

Couple robbed during date; boyfriend stabbed dead while gf raped

Based on the  investigation, the suspect allegedly suddenly entered the couple’s tent and stabbed the man. The woman ran but was chased by the perpetrator.

When apprehended, he allegedly stabbed the girl and raped her. Before fleeing, the perpetrator stole some of the victims’ belongings and money.

Senator Raffy Tulfo offered a P1 million reward for educating the perpetrator of the heinous crime in Boac.

“Walang konsensiya ang gumawa ng ganitong karumal-dumal at kalunos-lunos na krimen,” said Tulfo.

“Kaya ako po ay magbibigay ng P1 milyong pabuya sa ikadarakip ng suspek. Basta sigurado ako na talagang ang may sala ang madarakip at mapananagot,” he added.

The statement said that the senator’s office would only be provided with information to help apprehend the culprit.

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