CHR to investigate ‘transgender profiling’ incident in Makati

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) said on Saturday that it would investigate a “transgender profiling” incident involving two Makati City police and a trans woman.

“While we recognize that there may be incidences when inviting individuals to a police station falls within the ambit of legitimate police duty, the public should, nevertheless, be cautious in agreeing to such request as it may be used to effect a warrantless arrest,” the agency said.


The two policemen were already relieved from their posts after they were caught on video, inviting a random trans woman to the police station for alleged “profiling.”

“Our police officers are equally reminded that arresting individuals cannot be made based on whim and must follow strict guidelines, even detailed in the Philippine National Police’s ‘Know Your Rights: A Citizen’s Primer on Law Enforcement,'” the agency added.

Makati City police chief Rogelio Simon said the police officers would attend retraining and workshop on gender sensitivity. The names of the cops were not disclosed.


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CHR to investigate ‘transgender profiling’ incident in Makati

The policemen were not able to give a justification for why they were inviting transwoman Anne Pelos to their headquarters on Valentine’s Day, Friday.

Pelos said in a Facebook video post that she and her co-workers were walking along Makati Avenue when the police stopped her. The police said they were instructed to bring in transgender people for profiling.


The incident was caught on video and has garnered 200,000 views and shared more than 4,000 times.

Pelos also said that if only the police explained why she had to be invited to the police station, she would go with them. She maintained she makes an honest living.

The incident, CHR said, “highlights the violence and harassment experienced everyday by the LGBTQI community because of their sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Meanwhile, the Makati City Police chief denied reports that they have “Oplan X-Men” operation targeting members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT).