Arjo Atayde tests positive for COVID-19 in Baguio

Actor Arjo Atayde and nine others test positive for COVID-19 during filming in Baguio.

Here’s the full statement of Feelmaking Productions Inc.:


“Arjo Atayde tested positive for COVID-19 as for his new film culminated in Baguio last August 16. Arjo was suffering from high fever, headaches, and difficulty in breathing.

It was the mutual decision of Feelmaking Productions Inc., Arjo’s parents, and doctors to rush the actor, who has a pre-existing medical condition, straight to a hospital in Manila on August 17.

We have provided assistance for nine others who tested positive for COVID-19 but are asymptomatic and are currently in quarantine. We have likewise coordinated with the local officials for the necessary safety protocols.


The Atayde family has reached out to Mayor Benjamin Magalong, and we assure him and the people of Baguio that we will comply with our commitments to the City. We are grateful for the opportunity to shoot in their beautiful city and apologize for whatever inconvenience that this unfortunate incident may have caused.

We request for prayers for the speedy recovery of Arjo and the nine who tested positive.”

In March 2020, Arjo Atayde’s parents, Sylvia Sanchez and Art Atayde tested positive for COVID-19.


Arjo Atayde tests positive for COVID-19 in Baguio

Meanwhile, the local government of Baguio City decided to ban all film productions in the city after actor Arjo Atayde tested positive for COVID-19.

Baguio City Mayor said stop entertaining movie productions in the city amid the threats of Delta variant.

“I know their intentions are good. They want to promote the city. But they have commitments they need to deliver,” Magalong said on Wednesday, August 18.

Arjo had been filming a new movie titled in Baguio for almost two months.

However, Magalong said some of the movie crew left their bubble and were not following protocols.

Magalong said Arjo Atayde leaving the city is dangerous because he could infect others since they do not know that the actor has COVID-19.

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