Arab national arrested for molesting 1-year-old baby of girlfriend

An Arab national is in jail after he forced his girlfriend to use drugs and allegedly molested her one-year-old child in Quezon City.

In a report by James Agustin in Unang Balita this Friday, it was said that 49-year-old Husain Mohamed Hasan Ahmed Alhosani was arrested at a hotel in Barangay Bungad, Thursday night.


According to the victim’s mother, the suspect came to the country to vacation for two months, so they checked into the hotel.

The woman was only going to use the bathroom when the suspect allegedly forced her to use drugs.

The victim’s mother said she saw the suspect molesting her baby.


About three grams of shabu and drug paraphernalia were obtained from the Arab national.

The suspect will face complaints of acts of lasciviousness, resistance and disobedience to a person in authority and violation of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act.

The suspect was turned over to the CIDU office at Camp Karingal, while the mother and daughter will undergo counseling.


Vietnamese arrested in Malate after allegedly committing obscenity

A Vietnamese national in Malate, Manila was arrested after being suspected of committing indecent acts, according to a report by Bam Alegre in Unang Balita this Friday.

In the CCTV footage, it can be seen that a street in Barangay 754 got crowded this Thursday morning after a naked man who was being chased by security guards passed by.

Before this, the guards allegedly caught the man because he was doing something obscene while on the road.

The shirtless man allegedly became aggressive and grabbed the security guards. According to the guards, the man was holding a screwdriver while disappearing.

“Inaresto natin dahil doon sa ginagawa niyang hindi maganda sa lugar, may indecent act na ginagawa siya doon,” said Police Lieutenant Colonel Salvador Tangdol, chief of Police Community Precinct 9 of Manila Police District.

According to the guards who responded, the man was not in his right mind.

The police tried to talk to the man, but he spoke neither English nor Filipino. He will be charged with a complaint of alarm, scandal, physical injury, and grave threat.

The suspect is currently detained at the MPD Headquarters while the police are in contact with the Vietnamese Embassy.

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