April 30 deadline for PUV consolidation final – DOTr

After April 30, 2024, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) won’t suggest extending the period for single PUV operators to merge into transport groups or companies.

“I think three months is more than enough time for them to consolidate… what we are really after is those who are willing to consolidate,” Transportation Secretary Jaime Bautista said.


“After April 30, we will no longer recommend an extension. This is already the eighth extension,” he added.

On Wednesday, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. endorsed Bautista’s proposal to prolong the application period for transportation cooperatives and corporations until April 30, 2024.

The Presidential Communications Office stated that the extension allows individuals who planned to consolidate but missed the deadline to do so.


The last day to submit applications for consolidation was December 31, 2023. The LTFRB allowed solo operators on routes lacking a joint transport service to continue until January 31, after which unauthorized operation would lead to enforcement action.

In the meeting, Bautista mentioned that with a 76% national integration level, the DOTr planned to proceed with the PUV Modernization Program despite this rate.

“With 76% [consolidation] is more than enough to implement the program,” the DOTr chief said.


April 30 deadline for PUV consolidation final – DOTr

Upon the extended deadline’s end, Bautista anticipates the consolidation rate will rise to 85%.

“At 85%, I’m very sure this will be a very successful project,” Bautista said.

LTFRB head Teofilo Guadiz III mentioned the agency is considering appeals to permit delayed applications for integration.

“With this directive for an extension, we will act on these motions ASAP (as soon as possible),” Guadiz said.

Guadiz has declared that the planned February 1 crackdown on unmerged PUV entities is called off, with single owners given the green light to continue until April 30. The LTFRB’s records reveal that 1,767 national routes lack united PUJ drivers and operators.

LTFRB NCR Director Zona Tamayo reports that Bicol leads with 451 routes lacking unified PUJs, while Metro Manila has 320. She notes a 52% consolidation in the capital.

The Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) Modernization Program intends to phase out old jeepneys and replace them with new models with cleaner Euro 4 engines to cut down on pollution and remove vehicles not up to Land Transportation Office (LTO) standards.

The program starts by merging individual PUV owners into groups or companies, shifting the responsibility of updating fleets from single operators to larger transportation organizations.

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