Best App to Track Kids Online Activity – How to Download

The number of teenagers who own an independent smartphone device is surging at a rapid pace. In this scenario, parents should be concerned about the online activity their kids are engaging in. 

Unlike Apple’s AppStore, Google Play Store doesn’t impose strong restrictions. Therefore, if your kid owns an Android device, you have to keep an eye on what type of apps are being installed on it. 


For this purpose, you need a kind of parental app that is capable of helping you monitor the online activities of your child. To assist you in this regard, here is an Android/iOS app that is specifically developed for this purpose. 

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Net Nanny Parental Control

Net Nanny is referred to as one of the best apps that allows parents to track the online activity of their kids. The most notable feature of this app is its unsurpassed web-filtering technology.  


Furthermore, it is equally compatible with iOS or Android devices. This app can set time allowances and track the child’s location. You can block a wide range of apps with Net Nanny, which is a great feature to rely on. 


Net Nanny is an excellent option when you are looking for the best app to track your kid’s online activity. The outstanding web-filtering feature of this app makes it stand out among the rest. 

This app has been recently redesigned by Zift, which renders it a more user-friendly and superior interface when compared to its competitors. The Net Nanny mobile app works on both Android and iOS. 


Parents will receive the editorial parts of the web-based Parent Portal and Family Feed. This feature allows parents to seek necessary tips and other info to monitor the online activity of their kids. 

By simply signing up, you can get access to the premium features of Net Nanny for three days. This gives you a preview as to what features are offered by this parental control app.

This will assist you in choosing whether this app is suitable for you or not. With this app, you can receive alerts, block internet content, block apps, and get the list of apps installed on your kid’s device.

Apart from this, you can also specify the data usage and curfew times. Furthermore, you get access to the 30-day history of online search, active screen-time, and location history of your kid. 

However, despite all these features, there is a downside, too. This relates to the lack of call or text message monitoring features. This could serve as a deal-breaker for some users, yet its other premium features can compensate for this shortcoming. 

As a whole, most of the features offered by Net Nanny are capable of meeting the needs of almost every parent. Therefore, it can serve as one of the best possible options to consider.


When it comes to pricing, there are three premium packages available to users. The “Net Nanny for Windows” is the basic package, and it costs $39.99 per year. It only allows you to monitor the online activity of a single device using Windows OS (no smartphones included).

The Five Device “Net Nanny Protection Pass” is available for $54.99 per year. Meanwhile, a similar package for 20 devices is available for $89.99 per year.


This app is available for a wide range of operating systems, including Android and iOS devices, as well as Kindle Fire. The Single Device package is specifically designed for Windows. On the contrary, the Family Protection Pass available for 5 devices can work with macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire.

How to Get the App

In order to get this app, you have to create a Net Nanny account. After that, you can download and install Net Nanny on your kid’s device. The procedure is simple and easy to follow.

Once you have signed in to your Net Nanny account, just visit the Net Nanny site from your kid’s device. After that, you have to simply follow the instructions

It doesn’t matter what type of device you are using while installing the Net Nanny parental control app. After installation, you can manage and administer your kid’s device via the Net Nanny Parent Dashboard available on your device. 

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To conclude, the Net Nanny parental control app is an intuitively designed option that comes with an outstanding web filtering feature. Besides that, it also gives access to other essential resources that make it possible for parents to track the online activity of their kids.