All foreign passport holders not allowed to enter Philippines

The Philippine Consulate has released an advisory regarding the temporary ban on entry of all foreign passport holders to the Philippines.

All Filipino citizens (i.e., natural born, naturalized, dual) can enter the Philippines even during this pandemic.


All foreign passport holders (i.e., US, EU, ASEAN, Chinese, Japanese, etc.) are temporarily not allowed to travel to or enter the Philippines during the pandemic. This temporary ban will be lifted at an appropriate time when determined to be safe.

For all Filipinos to be able to travel back to the Philippines, they must have the following documents with them:

  1. A valid Philippine passport; or
  2. A valid (one-way) Travel Document (issued in emergency cases only, i.e., lost PH passport)

A former Filipino who reacquired or retained his/her Philippine citizenship via RA 9225, Citizenship Retention and Reacquisition Act of 2003 (as dual), is a FILIPINO. Therefore, as a Filipino, he can travel back to the Philippines. To be able to travel, he must have the documents mentioned above (Valid PH passport or valid Travel Document). If he/she does not have either of this, he/she may present the following documents instead of a PH passport: