Alex Gonzaga bashed for smearing icing on waiter’s face

Social media star Alex Gonzaga was bashed because of her viral video where she smeared icing on the face of a waiter holding a chocolate cake surprise for her birthday.

Netizens criticized Alex for what she did, especially when it was evident on the waiter’s face that he did not like what the actress, TV host, and vlogger did.


A video clip taken during the advanced celebration of her birthday, where she was with her family and some friends, is now circulating on social media.

Based on the report, Alex’s controversial birthday party took place at Joya Lofts and Towers in Rockwell, Makati, last night, January 15.

In the said video, Alex can be seen singing “Happy Birthday” by her husband, Lipa City Councilor Mikee Morada, and her guests.


And after that, the TV host-actress and vlogger blew out the candle on the chocolate cake held by a believed waiter or staff member who catered her party.

But what shocked those who watched the video was when Alex smeared the waiter with cake on his forehead. It was obvious that the man was also shocked by what the vlogger did to him based on his reaction.

Alex was accused of being insensitive and inhumanely treating the waiter, who was holding a moist chocolate cake that she smeared icing on his forehead after blowing out the candle.


It is said that Marjorie Barretto’s daughter, Dani Barretto, was the one who posted the video on her Instagram story, but it has now been deleted.

But the netizens were also quick because they recorded it immediately, so it spread immediately on various social media platforms.

Alex Gonzaga bashed for smearing icing on waiter’s face

Netizens say this can be done if you are close to someone.

Many felt sorry for the waiter, who was probably a victim of Alex’s over-excitement because of her birthday.

Some even said Alex Gonzaga should have smeared the icing on his husband’s face, who was beside her.

One of those who gave strong advice here is Rendon Labrador, who has been visiting some issues involving Alex for a long time.

Rendon said, “Walang pinag-aralan si Alex. Hanggang vlog lang talaga.”

“Yan ang result lalo na kapag hindi mo pinaghirapan ang success mo.”

“Respeto lang sana tayo, kahit waiter si kuya wala kang karapatang gawin yan. Entitled ka masyado! Alex Gonzaga Official,” added Rendon.

Before this controversy, Alex Gonzaga even celebrated on her TV5 program “Tropang LOL”. She was greeted by hEr co-hosts and other colleagues in the program.

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