2 men arrested for allegedly soliciting sensitive photos of minor students

Two men were arrested in Manila for allegedly soliciting sensitive photos online of their target minor students.

In a report by Jhomer Apresto in Unang Balita this Friday, it was said that Manila District Anti-Cybercrime Team (MDACT) personnel arrested alias “Ricky” at a restaurant after the family of a student complained that he allegedly asked for nude photos.


An alias “Junior” was also arrested in Sampaloc.

Police said the suspects befriended the victims online and promised them cellphones and gadgets.

Once the minors have fallen into their scheme, it is here that the suspects will ask for their nude photos.


Alias ​​”Ricky” was a co-worker of the recently deceased brother-in-law of the 15-year-old victim, who helped with the expenses of the funeral and even courted his widowed sister.

However, the suspect was rejected, so he targeted the student victim.

But the victim’s relatives immediately discovered the incident, so the authorities launched an entrapment operation against him.


The suspect alias “Junior” is now in the custodial center of the Manila Police District, while alias “Ricky” has been temporarily released while the investigation continues.

The authorities are confident that their evidence against the suspect is strong.

There was no statement on the two arrested, who will face complaints of anti-online sexual abuse, exploitation of children, and grave coercion.

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